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Big Bore Silencer and Suppressed Bolt Carriers from Gemtech

My last day at SHOT I finally got to stop by one of my last vendors, Gemtech. Even near the end of the show, their huge booth was still packed with hardly any room to spare. The new products that were being showcased at SHOT include The Arrow (and the Arrow’s [Read More…]

addtext_com_MjEyNjI1MjI3NDky image manticore-arms-alfa-rail

UTM Civilian Training Ammunition Hands-On, New Products

I was initially unsure about UTM’s decision to bring to market a civilian derivative of its training marker ammunition; it seemed to me that most would rather shoot regular ammunition through their rifles on a range than buy a multi-hundred-dollar conversion kit [Read More…]

MAG527-MBUS-Pro-LR-Sight-B-440x435 Capture Capture made by kids AK HD-PAR1-8 Capture Kalashnikov-Markings-Field-Guide Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 7.12.22 PM pix168648322