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Gel Blasters Deemed "Firearms" in Australia According to Government Welcome a New Member of Concealed SMG's Family Thomas the SMG (1)

Nerf Guns Back in 1941

Boys will always be boys. Before guns they made pretend swords out of sticks. Before swords they made clubs. The invention of the gun presented unique challenges to boys the world over. My attempts at building a gun involved a lot of elastic and usually ended up being [Read More…]

En-Bloc Clip Lighter

The Swordfish Bullet Clip Lighter is a refillable butane torch-style lighter that resembles a Garand En-Bloc clip. At $8.50 on Amazon it would make a great stocking filler for any gun nut. [ Many thanks to Mik for emailing me the link. ]

Blow gun knife.

Being sold by Swords, Knifes and Daggers for $15. Ninja blowgun and Pocket knife combo. 5″ closed and has a 3 1/2″ 440 stainless steel blade. Includes 2 pieces of black tubing to make your pocket knife blowgun. Also includes 3 darts and a nylon pouch Hat [Read More…]

Peg Gun – The ultimate CCW

This is very cool. Fits in a pocket. Max range is 16 feet, more than enough for self defense. And … can be carried through airport scanners. Build one before they are banned! DIY Peg Mini-Gun – Click here for this week’s top video clips Hat Tip: Foot [Read More…]