SIG Sauer Adds GoatGuns Miniature Replica to MCX Rattler Line

    SIG Sauer Inc. just added a new product to their ever-growing catalog. It’s extremely cool, well refined, affordable, and, so far, in stock! However, it’s not a real firearm, but a 1:3 scale die-cast replica of the MCX Rattler, manufactured by GoatGuns.

    SIG SAUER MCX Rattler and GoatGuns @ TFB:

    GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler Line

    The fully packaged toy

    SIG Sauer Adds GoatGuns Miniature Replica to MCX Rattler Line

    Gray GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler

    Disassembled gray model

    Here are SIG’s words on this replica:

    Build a miniature version of the MCX Rattler for your desk, shelf, or anywhere you display collectibles with this GoatGuns 1:3 scale die-cast replica.

    We have partnered with the world-renowned GoatGuns to create a replica MCX Rattler with an accuracy that we know you’ll appreciate. For the first time ever, this GoatGuns model features the ability to not only load mini .300BLK dummy rounds into the magazine but also cycle them with the mini charging handle.


    • First GoatGuns model to load, unload, and eject the dummy rounds.
    • Removable magazine, ROMEO4 optic, SRD762 suppressor, butt-stock assembly
    • Fold the stock the same way you do with the real MCX
    • Drop the magazine with the tiny magazine release
    • Rotating safety selector
    • Pressable trigger (non-firing)
    • The ejection port opens and closes
    • Rubber on buttstock
    • Accurate engraving
    • Charging handle used to load and unload the firearm
    • Metal construction
    • Display stand

    In the box: Miniature replica firearm, suppressor, dummy rounds, and optic. Also, display stand, assembly tool, and instruction manual.
    Approximate build time: 5-10 minutes

    Available in two colors – Black and Gray

    Dimensions: 11″L x 4.5″H.
    Weight: 11 ounces without stand and 13 ounces with stand

    AGES 13+

    *ATTENTION: This is a non-firing toy model. Not approved for travel on airplanes.

    The miniature MCX Rattler is available in both black and gray colors, with the two versions having no other difference. From the photos and the video (linked below), this toy looks really detailed and realistic, a great desk ornament that may be more acceptable in most offices than the actual MCX Rattler.

    GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler Instructions

    Details on the back of the package

    Black GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler

    Disassembled black model

    GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler Folding stock

    Folding stock; yes, it’s an SBR with a suppressor, but no stamps are required

    GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler with Dummy Round

    Chambering a dummy round

    GoatGuns Miniature Replica MCX Rattler with Silencer

    The silencer replica can be threaded on the flash hider


    If you want to gift this die-cast replica to others, or yourself, the MCX Rattler by GoatGuns retails at $ 59.99 and can be purchased both on SIG Sauer’s website or on You can check both venues for more details and photos.

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