Fidget Spinner Fever Infects YouTube Gun Channels

    Fidget spinners are becoming more and more popular. Looks like now it is impossible to visit your social media pages and not see a post or two about them. While having a hard time to properly describe these things, I went searching some sort of definition of the fidget spinner and I found that Wikipedia defines it as “a type of stress-relieving toy”. Anyway, considering the enormously growing popularity of this toy, it was a matter of time until it found its way into the firearms community.

    One of the first who was infected by this fever was 22Plinkster. He posted a video, where he splits a playing card attached to one of the spinning wings of the fidget spinner.

    Then Kristen Joy Weiss made a video where she spins the fidget spinner by shooting it with a .22 LR rifle from a 25 yards distance.

    Then a channel called DEUCE AND GUNS shot it with an AR-15.

    So who do you think is going to be next? I am guessing that the Demolition Ranch will be next with some sort of crazy video involving guns and fidget spinners.

    The fever didn’t affect only the YouTube channels but spread into other areas. There are even people making gun-themed spinners like this:

    …or like this one:

    Others still resist the fever and say the following:

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