Welcome a New Member to the Concealed SMG Family: Meet Thomas the SMG

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Welcome a New Member of Concealed SMG’s Family Thomas the SMG (1)

I am sure you’ve heard about the briefcases that are designed to house a firearm not only providing a concealment for the gun but also either linking the trigger to the briefcase handle or having a quick release mechanism. Perhaps the most known guns that have such briefcases designed for are the MP5K or AKS-74U. But did you know that there is a new member in this family? Meet Thomas the SMG!

Welcome a New Member of Concealed SMG's Family Thomas the SMG (2)

A YouTube channel called Y NAKAJIMA makes all kinds of conversions from Thomas the Train toy. The YouTuber’s latest creation is the mentioned locomotive toy housing a full-auto MAC-11 SMG with the barrel sticking out of its eye! Let’s watch the video showing how Thomas the SMG is constructed.

And another video with a slow-motion footage of Thomas the SMG in action.

The project started with the disassembly of the toy and removal of some internal plastic parts to have an unobstructed internal volume. Then they found out that in order to fit the MAC-11 inside the toy, they need to remove the front sight.

Welcome a New Member of Concealed SMG's Family Thomas the SMG (7)

After the removal of the front sight, they added several wooden blocks that align and retain the gun inside the toy’s shell. Then they also drilled a hole in the right eye of the toy to allow the barrel to slightly protrude from.

Welcome a New Member of Concealed SMG's Family Thomas the SMG (8)

The trigger linkage represents a piece of paracord with one end attached to the trigger and other end attached to a wire rope that comes out from the rear of the toy and ends with a keychain ring. Pulling the latter transfers the motion to the trigger, pulls it and fires the gun.

Welcome a New Member of Concealed SMG's Family Thomas the SMG (4)

Apparently, the controls are not linked to the outside of the toy which means in order to manipulate the safety selector, charging handle and do a magazine change, you need to open the shell. It is unclear whether there is a port cut on the side of the toy which would work as an ejection port.

Let us know in the comments section what do you think about Thomas the SMG.

Images from yamato077.blog.fc2.com

Hrachya H
Hrachya H

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