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TFBTV Mailroom #32

Yet again, the TFBTV Mailroom series limps on as James receives his biggest package yet, drinks beer, and opens the mail. How has this not stopped yet after over 3 years? No one knows. GIVEAWAY WINNERS: (Feel free to email me at [email protected] right away if you think this is you below, otherwise sit [Read More…]

TFBTV Mailroom # 30

In this episode of TFBTV Mailroom, James complains about the Olympics, explains the mysterious origins of the channel, gets drunk (again), curses, complains, and reads your awful mail. NSFW language. Want to send something in? TFBTV Mail Room: PO BOX 52288 New Orleans, LA 70152 ««« GUN AND GEAR [Read More…]

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #7: Miles Vining from TFB & TFBTV TFB Behind The Gun Podcast Episode #1: James Reeves - TFBTV

TFBTV’s Top 10 Guns of the Decade

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the best guns of the past decade, from 2010-2019. Writers and editors from The Firearm Blog made the nominations, and the viewers picked the winners. Here’s the list. ««« GUN AND GEAR GIVEAWAYS »»» PLEASE check out our Patreon and Subscribe Star [Read More…]

TFBTV: Top 5 Guns of 2019

In this episode of TFBTV,  @James Reeves discusses the top 5 guns of 2019. These were all of the new guns reviewed by TFBTV this year, and our Patreon and SubscribeStar supporters voted on what they thought the top five guns were from the list of guns reviewed. We’ve got rifles, pistols, and [Read More…]

TFBTV Mailroom #21: Weebs Dominate the Mail

Welcome to Mailroom #21, where James Reeves of TFBTV opens and reads your crappy letters and packages. WANT TO SEND IN MAIL? TFBTV Mail Room: PO BOX 52288 New Orleans, LA 70152 ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» Go to for details on our monthly gun giveaway. TFBTV is giving away [Read More…]