Happy Thanksgiving from TFB and TFBTV! Why We’re Thankful

    Happy Thanksgiving from TFB and TFBTV! Why We're Thankful

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This is my favorite time of the year and also my favorite holiday of the year. Personally, I have a lot to be thankful for and despite there being a multitude of reasons for us to get bogged down nearly every day (mainstream media really isn’t helping with that), I still find myself looking up and looking forward to the road ahead especially since there is so much we can be thankful for these days – even as gun owners. Today I just wanted to share a few thoughts with you guys from the TFB and TFBTV staff about what they are thankful for as gun owners or otherwise. I’d also like you guys to share what you’re thankful for down in the comments as well. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays from everyone here at TFB, and TFBTV! Stay safe out there!

    Happy Thanksgiving from TFB and TFBTV! Why We’re Thankful

    TFB Editor in Chief Pete

    I’m thankful for American individualism and hope that it continues to be a foundation of our free society. And rimfire. I’m thankful for rimfire.

    TFBTV Executive Producer James Reeves

    I’m thankful for:
    A family and a wife that are better than I deserve;
    Two rewarding and fulfilling jobs;
    A great boss, Pete M.;
    My colleagues at The Firearm Blog;
    Light beer;
    Sugar free Monster, Peppermint Trident, and Muscle Milk Pro Series in Knockout Chocolate flavor;
    Glock existing on the same plane of reality as my own, and;
    Everyone who has ever watched TFBTV. I’ve got the best gig on the face of the earth and I owe it all to everyone who has watched one of our videos. I honestly don’t have the means to adequately express my gratitude. Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving.

    TFBTV Presenter Hop

    I’m thankful for my BEST BUDDY Luke … and his great podcast

    *Author’s note – thanks, Hop. I love you too.

    TFB Writer Mike R

    I am thankful for being an American, and what freedoms I still have.

    TFB Writer Matt E.

    I’m really thankful for all the friends and individuals I’ve met who share a love for firearms and the craziness of the gun community.

    TFB Staff Writer and AllOutdoor.com Editor Adam Scepaniak

    I’m thankful for the advent of free information available to us. Reloading data is available in copious amounts. If you don’t know how to disassemble/reassemble something there is an abundance of videos you can pause and watch to guide. Knowledge is everywhere and it’s cheap.

    TFB Editor / Overtdefense.com Managing Editor Matt M

    I guess working a job that I like and for my loved ones.

    Staff Writer Austin Rex

    This year I’m grateful for surplus ammunition, to be a part of the TFB staff, and to the readers and commenters of Hot Gat or Fudd Crap.

    Staff Writer Doug E.

    I’m thankful the courts have been ruling more in our favor lately. In general, I’m thankful for all the guns, even the ones I can’t afford, and the God given right to own and carry them.

    Staff Writer Daniel Y.

    I’m thankful for the Sig P210. It’s given me hope in American gun manufacturing again.

    Staff Writer Sam S. 

    That there is never going to be a day where I’ve seen it all and that there will always be a firearm that makes me excited to go out and enjoy a range day.

    Staff Writer Will P.

    Sticking with my ammo quote from the other day. Keep dropping, baby!

    Staff Writer Lucas D.

    I’m thankful for the plentiful and quality training available and the willingness of the community to help out newer shooters

    Staff Writer Nick C.

    Thankful for HK bringing rollerlock goodness back. SP5 and SP5K-PDW.

    I’m thankful for stabilizing braces. They help make the pistol market more viable. Without it we had SP89 and Olympic Arms AR pistols.

    Staff Writer Nic L. 

    I’m thankful that I no longer live in California, for advanced polymers, and for the health of my family.

    Staff Writer Luke C.

    I’m thankful for the abundance of firearms, ammunition, accesssories and sports that we have access to as Americans. I’m also really thankful for button magazine releases.

    The best Thanksgiving ever? A US soldier and sailor both enjoy some turkey 17 days after the Armistice that ended the War to End All Wars.

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