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A while back, Leapers reached out to the crew at The Firearm Blog and asked if anybody would be interested in reviewing one of their new 1-8 LPVOs. I was particularly intrigued by this, as I was not aware that Leapers/Integrix was creating military spec optics, and I thought that they only made scopes for airsoft guns or pellet rifles. I have already done a first impressions piece on the INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 LPVO that you can read here. I will be briefly going over the specs here so if you want more of that information, check out the first impressions piece.

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The INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 LPVO was provided to me by Leapers, I’m not sure if they are letting me keep this optic or if I will need to buy it from them at the end of the review but either way, this will not change my opinion on any of their current or future products. Leapers has not been allowed to preview this article prior to publication.

Specs – INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 LPVO

  • Weight –  26.2 oz Naked, 32.2 oz with included UTG mount.
  • Caliber Rating – .338 Magnum
  • Parallax Control – Fixed
  • Reticle Colors – Red/Green
  • Brightness Settings – 10
  • Reticle Type – Etched Glass
  • Auto Shutoff – 12 Hours
  • Focal Plane – First
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Country of Origin – Taiwan
  • MSRP–  $1,400

For more information on the INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 LPVO from the manufacturer, click here.

Quality and Construction

The INTEGRIX IX8 is on par with some of the other premium optics I’ve used at this point. The turrets all are locking, which is a really nice feature in my opinion and something that some of the more expensive optics on the market actually don’t offer. Overall, the fit and finish of the optic are really nice and it should be for the price tag of $1400.

Optical Clarity – Zoom Range

While the optic itself is assembled in Taiwan, the glass is sourced from both Germany and Japan according to Leapers. I found the glass to be very clear and crisp with a minimal amount of fringing at 8 power. As advertised you can in fact use the entire zoom range of this optic without needing to adjust your eyes. The overall eye box is pretty forgiving with this optic.


The reticle in this optic is pretty good and gives the shooter a lot of options for ranging their target at unknown distances, which can’t be said for some other optics on the market. The illumination is also pretty good and definitely daylight bright. I will say though that even at max brightness, the illumination is hard to discern when looking through this scope into a bright snowy environment. This is an area where a lot of optics struggle, so I’m not going to say that this is really out of the ordinary. It may seem a little bit. I do like that there are red and green options for illumination.

Torture Test

I felt that some readers were very weary of the quality of an optic from a company that is predominantly known for products in the airsoft and airgun space so I decided I would give the INTEGRIX IX8 a small torture test. First I sighted in the optic on my TYPE-A 14.5″ Pro Carbine at 100 yards and shot several groups. Once I was comfortable with my shooting, I would then drop the entire rifle onto the INTEGRIX IX8 from about four feet. I was dropping the optic on crushed stone. I did three drops in between each additional group I would shoot to see if there was an impact shift. In total, I did about 30 drops with 10 groups.

I did end up having a pretty significant POI shift on the 4th drop test but other than that, the optic held up great. I was expecting to see a shift with this test but the optic held zero during most of it. I then took the optic and submerged it to see if my torture test busted any of the seals inside and I’m happy to report no water entered the optic.


  • 10 illumination settings
  • Bult very well
  • Great reticle


  • Illumination is not bright enough for sunny days

Wrap Up

Check Prices on INTEGRIX IX8 Scopes

When I first unboxed this scope I really wanted to write it off as not being worth my time. This was an assumption based solely on the manufacturer that was producing it and their past endeavors. I purposely beat this optic up because I wanted to see it fail and feel vindicated in my preconceived judgment. In the end, I can say that the INTEGRIX IX8 1-8X28 LPVO is a surprisingly solid optic. It comes with features that I enjoy like the eliminated reticle and crisp, clear glass. It is still a very heavy optic coming in 32.2 oz with a mount and this thing is also kinda of pricy for being produced overseas. I would like to see Leapers work on the illumination and try and get it a bit brighter. As of now, it is not really daylight bright to me. In the end, the IX8 LPVO was a surprisingly nice scope to review.

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Patrik O
Patrik O

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  • 711 Truther 711 Truther on May 10, 2024

    Dayum son, why is this thing is in the same weight class as the 1-8x VCOG?

    • See 1 previous
    • IOJ IOJ on May 11, 2024

      @Ahab Because a 1-8x VCOG is a lot more durable and resistant to abuse than this scope is.

  • Treydoe Carlsbad Treydoe Carlsbad on May 13, 2024

    Not a bad review although he does contradict himself quite majorly when it comes to the illumination being daylight bright. At one point he says, "The illumination is also pretty good and definitely daylight bright." Then in his final summation he states, "As of now, it is not really daylight bright to me." So... Which one is it? It's either daylight bright or it isn't. Other than this, i will agree with the reviewer that the scope is indeed heavy as hell and way too overpriced.