Taurus Teams Up With Jindal Defence For Joint Manufacturing Project

Zac K
by Zac K
The new JD Taurus factory seems to be aimed at producing tactical-style firearms for civilians and military. [JD Taurus]

Brazil and India are getting into business together—or rather, Brazilian firearms manufacturer Taurus Armas S.A. is going to collaborate with Indian manufacturer Jindal Defence Systems Pvt Limited on a new joint manufacturing project. Called JD Taurus, this new cooperative endeavor is already geared up to produce firearms in India.

Taurus @ TFB:

Taurus is a well-known name to shooters throughout the Americas. Despite its South American origins, Taurus has production in the U.S.; they actually opened a new plant in Georgia in 2019, just a few months before the COVID pandemic disrupted global supply chains. Demand for firearms has risen sharply in the years since.

Now, Taurus will be better equipped to meet that demand, although it does not appear the new factory is intended to supply the American market.

The team-up with Jindal Defence is a 51-49 percent split, with Taurus in control. It seems that Taurus is supposed to provide the know-how, while Jindal Defence provides the manufacturing capacity in India. They’ve already begun manufacturing firearms in India under their new JD Taurus banner at a new factory in India’s Haryana state. The facility is supposed to cover two acres and includes a firing range to allow for quality assurance testing.

While it seems the factory is aimed at the production of military firearms, there's also a plan to make civilian firearms too. [JD Taurus]
The new plant is part of India’s national plan to develop its own domestic firearms industry. A quick run through the JD Taurus website seems to indicate the new factory will focus on modern semi-auto firearms, with pistols, a PCC and AR-pattern rifle marketed towards security forces and a .32-caliber revolver and pistol marketed towards civilians. Old-fashioned firearms like the classic R92 rifle are not listed yet, and given the market demand for more modern pistols and rifles, it seems unlikely to expect that to change.

Starting out, as the plant comes online, the plan is to build 25,000-30,000 firearms over the next financial year, reports India Strategic. Long-term, the plan is for the India factory to focus on defense contracts. Production capacity is supposed to hit 250,000 firearms a year, and with Taurus aiming for military deals in Asia, they’ll need that capacity.

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  • Brettbaker Brettbaker on Mar 30, 2024

    Shameful confession, I want that .32 ACP!

  • Colonel K Colonel K on Apr 03, 2024

    I get the jokes and agree (for now), but remember they have to start somewhere, someday, somehow. We rightfully demeaned early Japanese and Korean imports, but look at them now. I'm old enough to remember when Taurus handguns were rough as a cob and laughed at because we knew Colt was king, S&W would never sell us out, and Ruger was always affordable.