Is your Glock Not Perfection? NEW Timney Triggers Ultimate Builder's Kit

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Do you own a Glock and feel as though it is not perfection like Glock enjoys advertising?… Well, Timney Triggers believes that they have a fix for that with their Ultimate Builder’s Kit (UBK) for Gen3-4 and Gen5 9mm models. With polished, honed, and refined replacement components, this kit should significantly clean up the trigger and action of a stock Glock handgun.

Timney Triggers USA @ TFB:

Ultimate Builder's Kit For Glock Gen 3-4: MSRP $269.99

These Ultimate Builder’s Kits from Timney Triggers are about half of the price of a Glock handgun, but it will be able to get your trigger down to a smooth 2 1/2 pound trigger pull weight when a stock Glock is somewhere around 6 pounds or more. The individual pricing for these kits, links to Timney’s website, and a word from Timney Triggers can all be found below:

We were asked to create enhanced, fine-tuned parts that match the geometry of our Alpha Competition Glock triggers so our customers can get the ultimate results from their Glock in one kit. You asked, we listened, and we delivered.

All Ultimate Builder’s Kit parts are NP3 coated for increased lubricity, which creates a smoother feel. With a factory set pull weight of 2.5 to 3 pounds, the Timney Alpha Competition UBK trigger kit answers the call for a trigger that maintains the feel of a Timney Trigger all while upholding the dependability of the Glock system.

Through an improved trigger design, Timney has created an upgraded trigger that retains the reliability of the Glock while offering a lighter pull weight and a smoother feel from the UBK.

I can sadly say that I am part of the “target market” for this product as I have bought a stock Glock and poured significantly too much money into it so it was up to my standards. Our very own James Reeves would slap me for stating this since he is of the thought process that “the only correct Glocks are stock Glocks,” but that’s the fun of gun ownership. We can all do what our heart desires. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below about Timney Triggers and their Ultimate Builder’s Kit. We always appreciate your feedback.

Ultimate Builder's Kit For Glock Gen 5: MSRP $254.99
Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • EzGoingKev EzGoingKev on Mar 29, 2024

    On the right side of the pic there is small square steel part with a U notch in it. What is that?

  • Mystick Mystick on Mar 29, 2024

    I dunno about such a light pull on a gun without a separate, positive safety implementation.