Protect your Senses! ShellShock Protection Debuts Eye & Ear Combos

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Something that we all take for granted (until its gone) is our hearing and precious eyesight. That is why it is so imperative to protect those senses. One of Shellshock Protection’s mantras are to “protect your senses,” and that is exactly what their Eye and Ear Combo packages aim to do. From beginner combos to more elaborate ones for seasoned shooters, they are now offering a bit of everything.

Eyes & Hearing Protection @ TFB:

Austin, Texas – March 20th, 2024 – ShellShock Protection is proud to announce the launch of its new product line, designed with input and expertise from the Pew Pew Tactical team. ShellShock Protection takes the guesswork out of gear selection by offering convenient combo packs and kits for beginners and shooting enthusiasts without the hassle.

Understanding that every shooter’s needs are unique, ShellShock offers the flexibility to purchase ear and eye protection products separately, but by far, the most popular options are the combo packs.

“ShellShock Protection is all about taking what we’ve learned firsthand testing gear at Pew Pew Tactical and turning it into something awesome for shooters everywhere,” ShellShock Founder & CEO Eric Hung said.

“That’s how our Combo Packs were born. We’ve put together the kinds of kits we wish we had when we were starting out — packed with everything shooters need. All of our gear is Pew Pew Tactical tested and approved. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about shooting safely, comfortably, and having fun while you’re at it.”

With pricing ranging from $84 – $169 with their current sale that is going on, these are pretty affordable and decent quality packages as their specs and features tout. Now, you simply need to decide what level you are at and hit the range. As always, let us know all of your thoughts about Shellshock Protection in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Ball Ball on Mar 25, 2024

    This entire lineup of ear muffs are sold under the "prohear" brand for literally half the price and can be purchased from the OEM on alibaba for 1/4 the price plus $10 shipping.

    I need to get into the reselling game

    • Uncle Yar Uncle Yar on Mar 27, 2024

      @ball Thanks. I was about to remark how they look like OEM rebrands.