Bollé Safety Introduces New Platinum Technology Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    Bollé Safety Introduces New Platinum Technology Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    One of the biggest annoyances for me on the range when it comes to wearing safety glasses is fog. Most lenses out there will eventually fog even in optimal conditions but on extremely hot or humid days it can be even worse with your body’s heat doing its best to fog up the inside of your lenses. Bollé Safety has just announced a solution to that problem with the introduction of their new Platinum Technology equipped safety glasses which have been able to demonstrate in tests that they are capable of resisting the appearance of fog for 15 minutes above a source of steam which is a resistance equivalent to 100 times higher than the requirements defined by industry EN166 standard.

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    Bollé Safety Introduces New Platinum Technology Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    When you work in challenging environments you constantly strive to be at your best, no matter what high-stakes job you perform. You need confidence your choice of eyewear delivers the highest level of performance, focus and concentration. Fortunately, PLATINUM technology can repel anything nature throws at you without interrupting your work, even if you wear prescription lenses.

    Bollé Safety’s PLATINUM technology repels elements from blurring your vision for optimal acuity in all situations. Our exclusive coating technology is available on both prescription and non-corrective lenses, allowing you to focus on your own performance in order to outperform the task ahead.

    Key Features:

    • 100 times more effective than the highest fog standard*
    • Efficient after 100+ wash cycles
    • Repels the elements for optimal visual clarity
    • Available in prescription and non-corrective lenses

    *Recent testing available here.

    Bollé Safety Introduces New Platinum Technology Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

    The new Platinum Technology lenses rely on a hydrophilic coating versus a hydrophobic coating that most anti-fog lenses use. This hydrophilic coating turns droplets of moisture (fog) and disperses them over the entire surface of the lens which creates a microscopic, uniform, and colorless film of water that then resists subsequent droplets of water, which in turn delays the onset of fogging much longer than a typical hydrophobic coating would. If you find that your own glasses are fogging a bit too much in these cold winter months, then you might want to try out a pair of these new Platinum Technology pairs of safety glasses. Bolle has lenses for just about every application ranging from industrial and healthcare safety glasses all the way up to their dedicated ballistic glasses which start pricing at around $75 but can be had for as little as $20 in some cases. To check out a full lineup of safety glasses that use Bolle’s new Platinum technology including options for those who wear prescription lenses, you can visit

    Bollé Safety Introduces New Platinum Technology Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

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