SUPER POLARIZED – The New GATORZ Marauder Sunglasses

by Pete

If you are a fan of Jack Carr and his series The Terminal List on Amazon, you may have noticed those sleek black sunglasses worn by all of the SEALs. Those are GATORZ – hard-use eye protection in use by law enforcement and military special teams around the world. I have been using GATORZ for several years now and can attest to their durability in a variety of situations, including using my string trimmer as a weapon against tall grass. A job that is equally important as whacking terrorists hellbent on destroying America. As I left for a few weeks on and near the ocean, GATORZ was preparing the launch of their new GATORZ Marauder line of eye protection – including a variant with polarized lenses. Perfect timing for a quick review. Let’s take look.

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SUPER POLARIZED – The New GATORZ Marauder Sunglasses

As someone who has astigmatism – a misshaped eyeball that causes light to refract unevenly, causing only part of objects to be in focus at any one time – polarized eye protection is a necessity for me. The multi-focus on the retina issue caused by astigmatism is the result of light coming in from different angles. Polarized lenses act as a porous barrier of sorts, allowing light to enter the eye perpendicularly to the retina. The result is dramatically reduced reflective glare from water, snow, sand, and other objects as well as eye relief for those who have astigmatism.

Six years ago we put together an article on living with astigmatism and using red dot optics. With hundreds of thousands of views, hopefully we have helped at least some shooters by identifying misshapen dots as an eyesight problem and not a manufacturer’s defect in a product. The best course of action is always to schedule an eye exam with an optometrist who may identify the need for corrective lenses. But polarized lenses can also help reduce any of these aberrations. Long story made short, if you look through a brand new red dot optic and see a starburst or a bunch of grapes instead of a crisp dot, you may have astigmatism.

SUPER POLARIZED - The New GATORZ Marauder Sunglasses

GATORZ makes high-quality eyewear and the new Marauders are no exception. The frames are CNC machined aluminum that are held together with stainless steel rivets and four hinges. The lenses are crisp and clean with several variations that range from plain smokey tinted to ANSI Z87.1 safety protection. In between are a variety of mirrored lenses, coatings, and of course polarization.

GATORZ Marauder Polarized Sunglasses:
  • Manufacturer’s Page:
  • MSRP: $160 – $300
  • Precision CNC Machined Aluminum Frame
  • Stainless Steel Rivets Bond 4 Hinges to Frame
  • Durable Cerakote and Anodized Coatings
  • 100+ Point Measurement Quality Check
Available Features:
  • Premium Polarization
  • MILSPEC Ballistic
  • ANSI Z87.1
  • Anti-Fog Coating
  • Scratch Resistant Coating
SUPER POLARIZED - The New GATORZ Marauder Sunglasses
MARAUDER Specifications:
  • Hinge to hinge [Frame Width] – 139mm
  • Frame Height – 47mm
  • Nosepiece Height – 25mm
  • Nosepiece width (adjustable) – 30mm
  • Temple tip to tip (adjustable) – 125mm
  • Temple length – 112mm
SUPER POLARIZED - The New GATORZ Marauder Sunglasses

The polarized Marauders worked as described allowing me to see the bottom of the ocean instead of a reflection of the sky above. They have a comfortable wrap-around fit that allows for extended use without any fatigue on the nose, ears, or temples. In fact, they disappeared so well that I forgot to get any action shots out on the water. Not that any of you were looking forward to seeing my ugly mug anyway,

SUPER POLARIZED - The New GATORZ Marauder Sunglasses

At first glance, the prices seem high for a pair of “sunglasses”. However, keep in mind that quality eye protection is extremely important and is not something that should be left to budget manufacturing processes. Cheap lenses can cause eye fatigue at best and can crack or provide substandard impact protection at worst.

Take a look at the GATORZ Marauder series to see if it’s right for you. And don’t forget that eye exam.

Here at Gatorz, we’re dedicated to the warrior class and the lifestyles you lead on and off the field of duty. Now, we’re proud to bring you a frame that excels at both. The Marauder is our newest creation, an all-metal frame with a rebellious side, equally capable at tactical ops and weekend journeys.

When designing the newest addition to our catalog, we found inspiration in a legendary unit from World War II—the 5307th Composite Unit, or “Merrill’s Marauders” was a special operations jungle warfare unit that brought the fight to the enemy deep behind Japanese lines in the Burma Campaign.

These hard-battling men became infamous for leading recon and raids in some of the meanest bush in the Pacific War, hacking their way through the unforgiving jungle with kukri blades, harassing supply lines, setting up ambushes, and taking out high value targets.

They were some of the deadliest soldiers in the entire war, and they were methodical and exacting in their movements. We brought those kinds of precise characteristics into the design of the new frame that bears the Marauders’ name. Built to be equal parts nimble and bold, the Marauder will accompany you wherever your work takes you, no matter the elements, and no matter the mission.

Slow is Smooth. Smooth is Fast. With thinner temples than most Gatorz creations, the Marauder shows off its rebellious side. With just enough wrapping protection, uncompromised peripherals, it’s a frame with a vigilant presence.


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