Partizan Solutions Adds Mounts For LED ACOGs

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
Partizan Solutions Adds Mounts For LED ACOGs

Partizan Solutions is expanding its line of micro red dot mounts for the Trijicon ACOG family. The newest models are compatible with LED ACOGs like the TA-02 and TA-110. Let’s take a closer look.

Trijicon @ TFB:

The ACOG was one of, if not the, earliest scopes that supported a secondary red dot sight. The first models used a Docter optic before Trijicon sold the RMR. Since then, the world of micro-reflex sights has exploded. This also resulted in an explosion in various mounting platforms.

Partizan Solutions started out making DPP and ACRO mounts for standard ACOGs, which mount on the eyepiece of the optic. However, LED ACOGs are a little different and have mounting holes out front near the objective lens. This necessitates a different mounting plate. These two new models are still DPP and ACRO mounts but have been tweaked to fit the forward location of the LED models. Both models retail for $64.99 and are in stock now at Partizan Solutions. The mounts also ship with an Allen wrench and the screws needed to attach the mount to the ACOG.

Partizan Solutions Pro Adapter for LED ACOG, shown with Leupold Delta Point Pro.
Partizan Solutions ACRO plate for LED ACOG.

From the manufacturer:

Combining the legendary reliability and light-weight of the Trijicon ACOG LED with the open reticle of DeltaPoint PRO pattern red dots, the ATLAS PRO gives you the best of both worlds. Using both a magnified prism sight and a modern heads-up mounting height red dot results in unparalleled situational awareness and flexibility for all situations.

All images from Partizan Solutions

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • GonnaMakeItBrah GonnaMakeItBrah on Nov 13, 2023

    I thought this was already a product that existed. I could've sworn I saw RDS mounted on LED ACOGs before.

    • W B W B on Nov 13, 2023

      @GonnaMakeItBrah I believe this is just a new mount made by Partizan Solutions for LED ACOGs. There are other mounts this is just a newer one.

  • W B W B on Nov 13, 2023

    DeltaThirtyFour would be proud.