Partizan Solutions Announces DPP and Acro Mounts for ACOG

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
Partizan Solutions Announces DPP and Acro Mounts for ACOG

Newcomer gun accessory maker Partizan Solutions recently announced two new red dot mounts for ACOG scopes. The new ATLAS mounts are available in Acro or Delta Point Pro footprints.

Trijicon @ TFB:

Partizan Solutions ATLAS DPP mount shown with EOtech EFLX (image via
The fixed magnification of the ACOG pairs well with an unmagnified secondary sight. Placing a micro red dot on top of an ACOG is not exactly a new idea. Similar mounts for Docter and RMR sights have been around for many years.
However, the world of micro red dots has exploded over the last few years. More and more pistols are coming from the factory set up for micro dots. And that means that more optics manufacturers are getting into the space as well.
Partizan Solutions’ new ATLAS mounts make it possible to mount many of these new red dot options on the venerable ACOG. Priced at $64.99, they will soon be available in two patterns. The Acro model can mount the Aimpoint Acro or other sights with the same footprint like the Steiner MPS. The DPP accepts Delta Point Pro footprints. More information can be found on the Partizan Solutions website here, or on their Instagram page here.
The company was also kind enough to send me a review sample. It mounted up nicely on my 3.5x ACOG. Look for that review coming soon too.
ATLAS DPP mounted on a 3.5x TA11 ACOG
ATLAS DPP on a 3.5x TA11 ACOG

From the manufacturer:

Combining the legendary reliability and light-weight of the Trijicon ACOG with the open reticle of DeltaPoint PRO pattern red dots, the ATLAS PRO gives you the best of both worlds. Using both a magnified prism sight and a modern heads-up mounting height red dot results in unparalleled situational awareness and flexibility for all situations.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • The RMR is the only dot that has any business on top of an ACOG.

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    • Int19h Int19h on May 11, 2023

      @Beju I'm not even sure about durability at this point. I mean, high-end Holosun pistol dots have titanium housing, and they have a closed emitter offering like that too.

  • Jeff Hewitt Jeff Hewitt on May 10, 2023