Holster Your Noob Tube: Hercules Tactical Products M320 Holster

Luke C.
by Luke C.

I’ve you’ve ever been itching to open-carry your personally owned M320 Grenade Launcher, there is now a safe, functional, and comfortable way to do so – the new Hercules Tactical Products G-Tech M320 Holster. This new holster offers multiple mounting solutions for already existing holster setups so that the M320 Holster can be swapped out quickly. In addition, the rig features a trigger guard and barrel plug to provide the user with a very secure fastening system to prevent the launcher from getting knocked loose or from accidentally discharging. Unfortunately for us, it looks like this particular holster is for LEO/MIL purchase only at this time, that being said, Hercules Tactical Products has received great feedback on the M320 Holster already and their ultimate goal is to have this holster adopted as standard issue with the M320 Grenade Launcher across all branches of service within the US Military.

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Holster Your Noob Tube: Hercules Tactical Products M320 Holster

Here on our end, the G-TEC is being actively marketed on Ft. Bragg and beyond. Nearly everyone who has handled or used the G-TEC holster is extremely impressed by the adaptability and function. Our goal is to have the G-TEC adopted as standard issue with the M320 grenade launcher in all branches of the service.

Made from an Injection Molded Body Made Of Zytel Plastic, it can be used in conjunction with nearly every available connector so you can mount the G-TEC Drop-Leg, Battle Belt Mounted, on your Plate Carrier, a Pack, to a Turret, or in a Vehicle. The G-TEC Holster is also Ambidextrous.

Manufactured In The USA / BERRY Compliant.

If you wish to contact Hercules Tactical Products regarding our M320 G-TEC Holster or our other tactical products, please leave us a message or email us: contact@hercules-tactical.com

For sales inquiries email: tony.williams@greywalkers.net
(DOD / LEO / GOV Sales Only)

No pricing or current availability information is listed on the Hercules Tactical Products website, but if you’re morbidly curious enough, you can reach out to them directly at the email listed above.

Luke C.
Luke C.

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