POTD: Madritsch ML40 Grenade Launcher In Action

    Hi there, and welcome to our Photo Of The Day! Today’s selection shows shooting with the Madritsch ML40 Grenade Launcher. Above you can see the Aimpoint red dot sight and a small black dot which is in fact the 40 mm grenade on its way to the target. The ML40 can be used standalone or mounted on the Steyr AUG (StG77). Depending on the purpose of the mission, you can choose between a wide range of grenades, from high explosives to illumination.

    From Madritsch’s description:

    Whether it is to be used under barrel on every kind of an assault rifle or stand alone, its quick release mount with optional Picatinny rail connectivity allows it to switch from one scenario to another in a split of seconds. Made from highest quality materials like from hard anodized, forged aircraft aluminium 7075 T6 the ML40mk1 can stand the hardest conditions (Nato AC 225 proven), always satisfying the user with uncompromising reliability. The compact, light weight design allows it to be stored away easily even when space is an issue. Combined with the fast aiming Ringsight the ML40mk1 is a complete solution for all applications associated with the use of 40mm weapons, supporting mission readiness in times of changing warfare.
    Equipped with a red dot sight the ML40mk1 offers the possibility to take control of point targets on short distances.

    The photos below show explosive ammunition on “hard” targets.

    Door or window – chose which entry point you like.

    All photos by Austrian Bundesheer and Michael Steinberger.

    You can find out more about the Austrian Madritsch MWT ML40 here: http://en.madritsch.eu/ml40-mk1