TFB Review: EOTech EFLX Pistol Red Dot Sight

    TFB Review: EOTech EFLX Pistol Red Dot Sight

    In the world of pistol red dot sights, there seems to be an explosion in the market with every optics company coming out with a smaller pistol red dot to compete in this ever-growing market. Whether you agree or not with red dots on your carry guns, the amount of individuals who carry red dots every day on their pistols is on the rise. I managed to snag one of EOTech’s new EFLX red dot sights to set out and after a month or so with this new red dot, I came to some conclusions about the optic. Let’s take a closer look at EOTech EFLX pistol red dot.

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    TFB Review: EOTech EFLX Pistol Red Dot Sight


    The new EOTech EFLX red dot takes notes from other popular models on the market today and improves on them. The overall footprint of the EFLX body is the same as the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro meaning there are already plates and slide cuts available for their sights. The EFLX also comes with 7 daytime settings including an ultra-bright setting for those sunny desert days as well as a night vision setting for night shooting.

    The sight is made of a reinforced aluminum body with a wide field of view optic. The squared-off top section of the optic gives it that classic EOTech square look. One upgrade EOTech included is the ability to change the battery without taking the sight off the pistol which allows you to change the battery without having to re-zero your optic. The EFLX red dot is shipping now and MSRP on this guy is currently $389.99.

    Spec List

    Range Time

    I installed the new EFLX on top of my Glock 45 for the duration of the review. Throughout my time with the EFLX, I took a training course and fired roughly 1,150 rounds while using the new optic. EOTech offers both a 3-MOA and 6-MOA dot option and I decided to go with the 3-MOA since that’s typically the dot size I shoot with. Initial impressions of the EFLX were just how big the optic glass was with a wide field of view. The dot was crips with no halos or disfiguration to my eye.

    Out of all the red dots on the market, I really appreciate the large glass view with a chopped squared-off top. It seems to direct your eye better to the center making the acquisition of the red dot very fast. One of the big advantages of the EFLX is the battery compartment being on top of the optic rather than on the bottom like other designs. The EFLX is supposed to have roughly 20,000-25,000 hours of battery life depending on the brightness settings and dot size.

    Field of View

    One of the biggest surprises about the EFLX was the overall field of view compared to other red dot options. The EFLX may have the same footprint, but the field of view seems to be better on the EFLX than the Leupold DeltaPoint Pro. I think the EFLX has more of a widescreen look making it appear to have a wider field of view without actually having a significant advantage over the DeltaPoint Pro. The glass in the new EFLX seems to be very clear with no blue tinting or anything like other red dots on the market have which is a huge plus. Having that clarity gives you better target acquisition without having to figure out what you’re looking at through the glass.


    Before I had the chance to test out my EFLX at the range as well as carrying it, I saw some reports online of the buttons falling off after a few range trips for certain people. I was slightly concerned and planned on beating the new optic up a bit to see if I had the same issue. On two separate occasions, I shot my Glock 45 with the EFLX and went through a number of drills in the snow as well as light rain.

    I scraped the optic on barriers through general use accidentally with no issues so far. The buttons worked after both range sessions with a clear audible click when I made adjustments so it seems this version is holding up very well. The addition of the aluminum shroud definitely instills confidence when you accidentally knock it on a barricade or barrel. Things happen and it’s good to see the EOTech had no issues when I started to use it heavily during drills. Working the optic when doing one-handed reloads was a good sign as well taking the brunt of the impact when reloading. So far, I feel really confident in the ability of the EFLX to hold up to abuse.

    Carrying The EFLX

    With the overall size and footprint of the EFLX, I was rather curious about what it would feel like to carry concealed day in and day out. I’m fairly comfortable carrying something like an SRO or DeltaPoint Pro on my handguns and this optic is smaller than both of those. If you can comfortable carrying a handgun with something like an RMR-sized optic, you can certainly carry the EFLX.

    The overall profile is squared off giving a larger field of view than the RMR without having the larger profile like the DeltaPoint Pro or SRO. It’s a nice in-between size that really gives you an open field of view without the blue tint and carries comfortably since it’s smaller than other optics. If you’re someone who enjoys carrying a red dot on their pistol every day, I would definitely encourage you to give the new EFLX a shot since it has the best of both compact size and overall field of view.

    Overall Thoughts

    I will be the first one to admit I’m still not the biggest fan of red dot sights on pistols. I still feel irons are easier but out of all the red dots I’ve used on pistols, the new EFLX has been one of the easier and better experiences. The sight picture is easy to find with a clean crisp dot making the EFLX one of my favorite pistol red dots on the market today.

    What do you guys think of EOTech’s new EFLX pistol red dot sight? Is it a welcome addition to the market at its price point or do you think you’ll stick with the other options on the market? Let me know your thoughts on this new optic down in the comments below. If you have questions about the EFLX or anything else, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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