EOTech’s New OGL: On Gun Laser

    On the recent Live Q or Die podcast, episode 88, Kevin Brittingham interviews Aaron Hampton on some new EOTech products. Near the end of the podcast, Aaron shows off their entry into the Multi-Function Aiming Laser (MFAL) world. The new EOTech OGL (On Gun Laser).

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    EOTech On Gun Laser

    Go to 3:08 to see Aaron mention the On Gun Laser.

    EOTech On Gun Laser

    Image credit: Q LLC

    The On Gun Laser looks to be a similar design to the L3/Harris NGAL but there are some improvements designed into the On Gun Laser that look like they would be better than the NGAL. For those of you not familiar with the NGAL, check out my review of it here.

    Aaron mentioned that they improved the ergonomics. From the image above and the video, you can see what he means. The FIRE activation button is near the rear of the laser, a feature I liked on the Wilcox RAID-X over the L3/Harris NGAL. The NGAL has its activation button near the front on top of the laser body. I did not find this very ergonomic.

    Another major upgrade on the On Gun Laser is the IR illuminator beam divergence adjustment lever. Like Aaron said in the podcast, most lasers adjust the size of the illuminator beam by turning a knob in the back, like the NGAL and RAID-X, or you rotate the objective lens like on the ATPIAL/PEQ-15 and Steiner DBAL lasers. The On Gun Laser has a throw lever on top of the housing which can be manipulated with just your support hand thumb.

    I am very curious to see how good this illuminator will be. That is the most crucial aspect of an MFAL. Most lasers use a laser diode and optical lenses to shape the IR illuminator. However, they often have dirty-looking beam patterns. VCSEL, like the ones on the BE MEYERS MAWL-C1+ produce clean illuminator beam patterns. There are rumors that the EOTech OGL will have VCSEL illuminator.

    Just like the NGAL, the EOTech OGL has the aiming laser and illuminator on either side to make clearance for front sight posts on an AR platform. They have the EOTech logo engraved into the front of the laser.

    Image credit: Q LLC

    The On Gun Laser looks like it may be made out of aluminum. It has scalloping that looks like it helps reduce weight. According to Aaron, the On Gun Laser is smaller but weighs the same as the L3 ATPIAL which is 7.5 oz. The NGAL is under 5 oz with battery. The OGL is powered but a single CR123.

    It appears mode selection will be in the back next to the battery compartment. EOTech is also going with the industry standard Crane connection for use with the included tape switch. This means it will be compatible with MODLITE and Unity Tactical buttons. Hopefully, they will reinforce that port for said tape switch plugs which have been known to cause prolapse in Steiner DBALs.

    The most intriguing aspect of the On Gun Laser is the price. They will make a commercial version for $1299. This will be legal to sell to civilians. Most likely a 0.7 mW IR pointer and a 5mW green aiming laser. No mention of the power output of the IR illuminator. They will also make a full power version for MIL/LE and that will retail for just $1599. Hopefully, we will see it at SHOT SHOW 2023 next January.

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