New Everyday Carry Tourniquet (ETQ) from Snakestaff Systems

    New Everyday Carry Tourniquet (ETQ) from Snakestaff Systems

    Snakestaff Systems has announced a new Everyday Carry Tourniquet (ETQ). They want you to think about their ETQ as the SIG 365 of TQs – both are small and designed for carry and concealment. Some of the features include a carabiner windlass lock to hold the windlass securely in place, a textured windlass to increase grip if there is blood and a chem light that breaks upon application.

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    Everyday Carry Tourniquet

    There are also simplified instructions printed right on the TQ, for those that don’t have medical experience or are in shock. A scannable QR code takes you to a step-by-step video tutorial.

    Everyday Carry Tourniquet

    The folded size is comparable to a G19 magazine. The ETQ fits in handgun mag pouches and Kydex carriers.

    Everyday Carry Tourniquet

    The carabiner gate system is designed to keep the windlass from accidentally unwinding during transport.

    Everyday Carry Tourniquet

    The chem light automatically snaps upon application.

    Below you can read the company’s new product announcement:

    New Everyday Carry Tourniquet
    Snakestaff Systems is proud to announce the Everyday Carry Tourniquet (ETQTM). Made in the U.S.A., it’s the smallest and lightest windlass tourniquet on the market. We spent years in R&D developing a reliable tourniquet that is 65% smaller than the industry standard. It fits in most 9mm pistol magazine carriers, in just about any pocket, or even on a keychain.

    Responsible citizens are statistically more likely to use a tourniquet than their everyday carry pistol; however, very few people carry a tourniquet. Most tourniquets are large and bulky, making them difficult or uncomfortable to carry on your person. We set out to fix that problem without sacrificing reliability.

    The ETQ is packed with innovative features that solve common issues. Occasionally, tourniquet windlasses become displaced during emergency transportation. On the ETQ, a carabiner gate locks in the windlass making the tourniquet more secure. The ETQ also includes a chemlight that automatically snaps and activates when applied—a feature that helps first responders locate an injury in low light.
    Lastly, the ETQ’s windlass is extremely rigid and textured for positive retention and grip, even when coated in blood.

    In our research, we found many civilians don’t know the proper way to apply a tourniquet. The ETQ has simple instructions printed on the product, along with a QR code that navigates the user to an easy-to-understand video tutorial. This video can successfully guide someone with zero medical experience through emergency tourniquet application.

    For Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, Military, and whoever wants it, we also make the 1.5” ETQ WideTM version designed to meet criteria set forth by the Department of Defense Tourniquet Working Group. We look forward to submitting samples to CoTCCC and continue gathering real world data for when they conduct their next round of TQ evaluations. (Unfortunately they do not meet every year to recommend new TQ’s on the market. The last recommendations were in 2019) This true 1.5” wide
    version is a little bit easier to use, but slightly larger, at 50% the size of the industry standard.

    We have nothing but respect for other tourniquet manufacturers. They have saved countless lives. The ETQ is just another tool in your arsenal. Think of it as a concealed carry handgun – useful when space and concealment is a factor. If you love your current tourniquet brand, keep using it; we just encourage you to carry one everyday, to train with it regularly, and only buy quality American made products.

    Your family and friends count on you. Don’t be the guy without a tourniquet in an emergency.

    Here’s a video describing the product.

    The ETQ tourniquet costs $32 and the ETQ WIDE $34. There are Spare ETQ chem Lights for $2. The ETQ tourniquets are manufactured in the USA.

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