POTD: Taking The Shot

Eric B
by Eric B

A great photo is often produced by being at the right time and place and using the perfect exposure. Today the photographer really managed to capture the moment, with U.S. Marines in training. If TFB’s Photo Of The Day came with sound, you could almost certainly hear the sound of yelling from the battlefield, and shots fired from the H&Ks.

The “new” LPVO Trijicon is clearly visible here.

A U.S. Marine with 3d Littoral Combat Team, 3d Marine Littoral Regiment, 3d Marine Division, fires down range during a live-fire range for Bougainville I at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Aug. 31, 2022. Bougainville I allows fire teams and squads with 3d LCT to rehearse small unit cohesion, lethality, and survivability for company offensive, defensive, and Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations during future exercises.

A suppressor is a nice thing to have but adds quite a lot of length and weight in the wrong place.

Volcanic mountains provide a great backstop.

Photos and captions: U.S. Marine Corps, Cpl. Patrick King.

Eric B
Eric B

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