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Pacific Missile Range Facility Barking Sands POTD: U.S. Marines with the 12.7×108mm NSV Machine Gun POTD: Winter Is Coming...

POTD: Winter Is Coming…

Photo Of The Day: We see U.S. Marines patrol through strong winds and heavy snow during a comprehensive bilateral field training exercise. This was part of Exercise Forest Light 13-3 at the Hokkaido-Dai Maneuver Area in Hokkaido prefecture, Japan. The FTX began with the [Read More…]

US Marines Gotland Taking The Shot

POTD: Taking The Shot

A great photo is often produced by being at the right time and place and using the perfect exposure. Today the photographer really managed to capture the moment, with U.S. Marines in training. If TFB’s Photo Of The Day came with sound, you could almost certainly [Read More…]

U.S. Marines in Afghanistan Range 400 Indonesian National Armed Forces POTD: M27 Live-Fire at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune Brazilian Ecuadorian Marines M500 12 Gauge Shotgun Heckler & Koch G36C ak5 M16A4 Multiple Weapons Sustainment Training POTD: Visit, Board, Search and Seizure in the Philippine Sea Next-Generation Handheld Targeting System Koolendong 22 Firearms from Republic of Korea Amphibious Raid M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle with Trijicon VCOG 1-8x28 Kenya Joint Combined Exchange Training Exercise Cold Response 2022 M249 Light Machine Gun Mission Readiness Exercise POTD: Dutch Marines in Caribbean Urban Warrior POTD: M16A4 at Live-Fire Range - Exercise Cold Response 2022 POTD: Get Some! Tail Gunnery Shoot in South China Sea POTD: Bilateral Breach and Clear Native Fury 20 POTD: U.S. Marines in Japan - FARP