Carry Gun Face-Off: PMM JTTC Comp Vs SIG Spectre Comp

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Carry Gun Face-Off: PMM JTTC Comp Vs SIG Spectre Comp

With the advancements in carry guns today, there are some really interesting models coming to market as well as some really cool aftermarket options for the next generation carry guns. With all the options on the market, there have been some arguments online about which model performs better and what’s the best bang for your buck. The two guns we have in question are the SIG Sauer P365XL Spectre Comp and the Parker Mountain Machine JTTC compensated P365. Both guns are great choices for their own reasons but it’s time to see what works best in the P365 platform. Let’s take a closer look at these two guns and see what does better when looking at the PMM JTTC Comp vs SIG Spectre Comp.

SIG P365 @ TFB:

Parker Mountain Machine JTTC Comp

When it comes to value for money, it’s hard to beat the Parker Mountain Machine JTTC Compensator barrel combo. This aftermarket drop-in system can completely change and transform your standard P365 or P365XL. According to Parker Mountain Machine, the JTTC compensator reduces recoil and muzzle rise by 40% depending on the bullet weight and powder charge which is a significant decrease compared to the recoil of a standard P365 model.

Now, I will be the first to say there are a number of compensators out there that are absolutely massive. They are big, clunky, and just aren’t realistic to carry. The Parker Mountain Machine compensators are a completely different animal. With the JTTC compensator installed, the PMM comp is exactly the same length as a standard P365XL as well as the Spectre Comp from SIG. This means The PMM JTTC Comp will fit into almost every P365 XL holster on the market. These upgrades are available straight from PMM for $360 online. The Parker Mountain Machine JTTC Comp isn’t the only option on the market though so now it’s time to check out the Spectre Comp from SIG.

SIG P365 Spectre Comp

The Spectre Comp is the latest variation of high-end carry guns to come out of SIG. The Spectre Comp is the first compensated model for the P365 line straight from SIG. Coming from SIG’s custom works line of handguns, the Spectre Comp takes a standard XL model and turns it up to 11. The biggest change is the built-in dual port compensator in Spectre’s slide. SIG took the factory XL slide, cut two small chambers into it and installed a shorter barrel similar to the length of the P365 barrel.

This creates a dual comp without the addition of any extra material and keeps an incredibly streamlined profile without added bulk. SIG also added a number of other features in the Spectre Comp like TIN finishes on the barrel and slide as well as a laser-stippled grip module. There are a ton of small details showing it’s very different from the standard model which makes the gun feel special. Even the slide design is slightly different which just gives the Spectre Comp a new look that sets the higher-end line from the standard models. Everything is interchangeable with the standard models, but as a complete firearm, they did a great job. MSRP for this bad boy is $1,199.99 which isn’t cheap but it’s a factory compensated pistol with a warranty and support if anything happens to it.

Range Time

When looking at reviews of both guns online, there’s a huge spectrum of reviews that go all the way from how incredible both are to others that say it makes no difference from the standard models. So what exactly is the truth? This is really the basis of doing this review and I truly wanted to get an honest answer on what works best out of the PMM comp, Spectre Comp and the standard P365.

Now, between all three models, I have extensive range time behind each but one weekend I decided to take out right around a thousand rounds between the three just to get an idea of what the lowest recoiling as well as the easiest to shoot over time. The vast majority of those rounds were spent shooting the PMM JTTC Comp and SIG Spectre Comp with a few magazines through the standard P365X for a baseline comparison. When shooting all three side by side, both compensated pistols are drastically different from the standard P365. You can immediately tell the difference between the two and both comps drastically reduce recoil from the standard model.

Comp vs Comp

When it comes to an in-depth comparison of the compensators, I found a few interesting points to note. First, I was surprised how close both comps were with both 115gr Federal ammunition and 124gr ball ammo as well as a few different self-defense ammo types. For the self-defense ammo, I went with some Hornady 124gr Critical Duty and a few boxes of SIG V-Crown 124gr+P ammo which was the hottest ammo I had for testing. When firing the 115gr Federal ammunition, the comps felt and performed almost identically.

One thing to note was the fact I was getting a fair bit more muzzle flash from the SIG Spectre Comp than from the PMM comp with the standard 115gr ammo. It’s not exactly scientific but it was just an observation that I thought was worth noting. When moving to the 124gr ammo, there was slightly less recoil with the PMM barrel and comp setup compared to the Spectre Comp. It was only when firing the SIG V-Crown 124gr+P that I really noticed a difference. The PMM had slightly less felt recoil with the barrel/comp combo over SIG’s Spectre Comp with the built-in slide compensator. The Spectre Comp did an incredible job of being a slide compensator, but under high pressured rounds, the PMM comp did perform slightly better when it comes to recoil and controllability.

Carrying Them Daily

Carrying both is relatively easy since they have the overall same size as the regular P365XL. With the Parker Mountain Machine comp, every holster I have personally did in fact fit the JTTC comp on a regular P365. The SIG Spectre Comp fit into almost every holster I had except the shorter P365 holster but every full-size XL holster fit perfectly so it’s important to keep that in mind when looking for holsters. Both were incredibly easy to carry and felt no different from the standard models in terms of overall weight and bulk which is a big plus with concealability. If you’re worried about which model is easier to carry, I would say they are both on a level playing field when it comes to concealing and carrying them throughout an entire day.

Overall Thoughts

So in the end what’s the best? First off, if you already have a P365 of some variant, the Parker Mountain Machine is a fantastic option to put onto your firearm. If you’re looking for a purpose-built comped carry gun, the answer gets a bit trickier. The SIG does a great job with what it does and comes with the factory warranty so it’s a safe option. Include the TIN and stippled grip and you get a great bang for your buck despite it costing almost $1,200 MSRP.

The Parker Mountain Machine does a great job of creating a small package that packs a big punch. When it comes down, I typically grab the SIG but if I have to shoot a lot, I would choose the PMM so there’s no real correct answer for me. Both are great but you have to stick with a budget, I would go with the PMM but if you want a crazy high-end carry gun, SIG is a fantastic choice. They perform almost identically with most ammo but the PMM does shine with really hot loaded self-defence ammo. Functionally I think the PMM comp performs better but aesthetically the SIG looks fantastic.

Check Prices on SIG Sauer P365XL Spectre Comp Pistols

What do you guys think? The Parker Mountain Machine is a cheaper option and can be added on after the fact but the SIG has drama and a bit of flare which makes it feel special. Which one do you prefer and why? Let me know what you guys think down in the comments below. If you have questions about carry guns or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there.

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    The Sig has a bit of flare? Are you referring to the muzzle blast?

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    See, this is an interesting article!

    is there a difference between barrel mounted comps vs slide mounted? I wonder if the extra weight on the barrel instead of slide helps with felt recoil. It would be interesting to see if there was a consistent benefit to barrel mounted vs slide