New Russian Civilian AKs: TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU

    New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (1)


    In this article from the coverage of the ARMY 2022 exhibition, we’ll take a look at four new civilian AKs released by the Kalashnikov Concern. The new models include the completely smoothbore TG2S and TR9S, the pistol caliber carbine version of PPK20 SMG dubbed Saiga-PPK20, and the Saiga-AKSU, a civilian Krinkov.

    Kalashnikov Concecrn @ TFB:

    TG2S and TR9S

    New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (3)


    If you recall, in Russia, there is an entire family of cartridges (.366 TKM, .366 Magnum, 9.6×53 Lancaster, .345 TK, 9mm Altay) and firearms chambered in them that have either half rifled bores or oval bore rifling. Such rifling designs allowed legally qualifying these guns as smoothbore in the case of oval bore guns due to the lack of distinct lands and grooves, or smoothbore with a built-in rifled choke in the case of half rifled guns which only have last 5-6″ of the bore rifled. These guns and cartridges were created to allow Russian citizens to acquire firearms with rifle-like performance that are legally shotguns because it’s much easier to own a shotgun in Russia (to become eligible for buying a rifle one must own a shotgun for five years). Well, this quasi-rifles and ammunition industry was almost killed by the Russian government which passed a bill that requalifies these guns as rifles. Almost, because Kalashnikov Concern came up with a solution to revive them. Their new TG2S and TR9S firearms are completely smoothbore with threaded muzzles to allow attaching rifled chokes because separate rifled chokes for smoothbore firearms are still legal in Russia.

    New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (4)


    TG2S is an AK-104 style firearm chambered in .366TKM with a 341mm (13.4″) smoothbore barrel and M15x0.75 muzzle threads hidden under the muzzle device. The TR9S, a Saiga-9 pattern gun, is chambered in .345TK and has a 367mm (14.45″) barrel also threaded with the M15x0.75 metric thread pitch.


    New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (2)


    PPK20 is a 9mm submachine gun introduced in 2020 (basically a modernized Vityaz SMG). At ARMY 2020, Kalashnikov Concern released the civilian, semi-auto-only version of this submachine gun, the Saiga-PPK20. The Saiga-PPK20 PCC is a simple/direct blowback firearm chambered in 9x19mm. The chrome-lined threaded barrels will be made in two lengths – 415mm (16.33″) and 181.5mm (7.15″) for the domestic market and exporting respectively. The fake suppressor covers the long barrel of the Saiga-PPK20 made for the local market. This PCC also features a right-side folding adjustable stock, AK-12 style railed receiver cover, and new ambidextrous safety.

    PPK in the model designations of PPK20 SMG and Saiga-PPK20 PCC stands for Pistolet-Pulemyot Kalashnikova (Пистолет-Пулемет Калашникова) which translates Kalashnikov Submachine Gun. However, it is not named after Mikhail Kalashnikov, but his son, Victor Kalashnikov, who was the head designer of Vityaz SMG.


    New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (6)

    Saiga-AKSU export version

    Last but not least is the Saiga-AKSU, a civilian version of the legendary AKS-74U, a.k.a. Krinkov. The Saiga-AKSU is chambered in 5.45x39mm and is mostly identical to its military counterpart with the exception of the semi-auto-only trigger mechanism, Krebs style safety, side scope rail and a couple of minor cosmetic differences. Like in the case of the Saiga-PPK20, the Saiga-AKSU will also be made in an export version which will have a 212mm (8.35″) barrel similar to the real Krinkov, and a version for the local market that has a 340mm (13.4″) barrel covered by a fake PBS-4 suppressor.

    New Russian Civilian AKs TG2S, TR9S, Saiga-PPK20, Saiga-AKSU (5)

    Saiga-AKSU, version for the Russian market

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