Kalashnikov Concern's New MP-155 ULTIMA Smart Shotgun

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Kalashnikov Concern’s New MP-155 ULTIMA Smart Shotgun (1)

MP-155 is one of the most popular semi-auto hunting shotguns in Russia thanks to its robust construction and affordable price. It’s available in a variety of hunting configurations and Kalashnikov Concern also offers a sort of a tactical AR-shaped shotgun ( TG1) based on the MP-155 action. At the ARMY 2020 exhibition, the company introduced another, rather futuristic iteration of this gun called MP-155 ULTIMA that looks more like a sci-fi movie prop. Actually, as mentioned on the Kalashnikov Concern’s social media pages, the appearance of this shotgun was inspired by video game guns.

Kalashnikov Concern's New MP-155 ULTIMA Smart Shotgun (2)

The core MP-155 action is enclosed into a chassis system consisting of a receiver cover with an integrated pistol grip, detachable stock, upper and lower handguards and a section covering the very front of the extended magazine tube. The components of this chassis are made of aluminum and polymer. The stock of the MP-155 ULTIMA shotgun has an adjustable cheekpiece as well as replaceable butt pads of different lengths and comb sections of different shapes.

What makes the MP-155 ULTIMA smart is the onboard computer with a display located on the top rear portion of the receiver cover. The computer can be synchronized with various external gadgets via WiFi and with a rail-mounted camera that is plugged into the USB-C port built right into the chassis. The camera can record and stream Full HD videos. The screen displays data from the onboard shot counter, the information about the remaining amount of ammunition and also has a compass, stopwatch and timer.

Kalashnikov Concern says that this shotgun is for those who value the possibility of using modern gadgets everywhere and at all times. To me, it looks more like a concept car that automobile manufacturers bring to auto shows to gather feedback on different ideas and solutions. Who knows? Maybe this is how guns will look like in the future.

Images by Kalashnikov Media, www.kalashnikov.media
Hrachya H
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  • Dont Tread on Me Dont Tread on Me on Sep 08, 2020

    I dont want anything to do with so called smart guns, just ripe for govt control.

  • Ian Osmond Ian Osmond on Sep 15, 2020

    Anything with an onboard computer will soon be modded to run DOOM -- someone recently got an electronic pregnancy test to do so.

    Once that is running DOOM, "Yo, dawg, we heard you like shotguns, so we put a shotgun in your shotgun so you can shotgun while you shotgun."