Kalashnikov Concern Reveals The RPL-20 Belt-Fed 5.45x39mm LMG

    Kalashnikov Concern RPL-20 LMG (1)

    Photo credit: Kalashnikov.Media

    During the ARMY 2020 exhibition, Kalashnikov Concern has revealed the prototype of a new belt-fed 5.45x39mm light machine gun called RPL-20. Earlier, in an interview given to RIA Novosti news agency, Dmitry Tarasov, the CEO of Kalashnikov Concern, said that that based on the field testing of RPK-16, the Russian military formed new requirements for an LMG which were the base of starting the development of RPL-20. This new LMG is however significantly different from the RPK-16 and the ammunition is probably the only thing these two guns share.

    Kalashnikov Concern RPL-20 LMG (3)

    Kalashnikov Concern RPL-20 LMG. Photo credit: Vladimir Onokoy

    RPL-20 LMG utilizes a non-disintegrating 5.45x39mm belt which is also newly developed by the Kalashnikov Concern. Similar to PK/PKM machine guns, the belt is fed from the right side of the gun and the spent cases are ejected to the left. The gun is shown with a 100-round cloth pouch for storing the belt.

    The RPL-20 has a quick-change barrel and was shown with two different length barrels. The folding and collapsible stock has an adjustable cheekpiece and is apparently based on the new stock design that we saw in the AK-19 and updated AK-12 rifles. The pistol grip with an integrated trigger guard also looks identical to the one seen on the updated AK-12.

    Kalashnikov Concern RPL-20 LMG (2)

    Kalashnikov Concern RPL-20 LMG. Photo credit: Vladimir Onokoy

    The RPL-20 LMG also features an ambidextrous safety selector, non-reciprocating charging handle, ejection port dust cover, folding front iron sight, top and bottom Picatinny rails, M-LOK slots on the handguard, and Picatinny rail mounted carry handle. The overall weight of the RPL-20 LMG is 5.2kg (11lb 7oz) or 5.5kg (12lb 2oz) depending on the barrel length.

    It’s really interesting to see the Russian military considering the adoption of a dedicated belt-fed LMG because ever since the adoption of RPK for replacing the RPD, they have traditionally been proponents of a magazine-fed light machine gun with a high level of parts commonality with the assault rifle. We’ll make sure to follow the developments around this new firearm and report the news concerning its design evolution, trials and adoption.

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