Celebrating 45 Years of Gunsmithing with Wilson Combat

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Few names in the firearms industry carry the same weight as Wilson Combat. Founded by champion pistol shooter Bill Wilson in 1977, the company has dedicated the last 45 years to catering to the specialty firearm and accessory market. Sprouting from a small family jewelry store, Wilson Combat has grown far past their basic 1911 gunsmithing services to now offer everything from 1911 accessories, ammunition, rifle accessories, magazines, and of course in-house produced firearms. Wilson Combat shares their story in the press release below.

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Celebrating 45-Years of Gunsmithing with Wilson Combat

Celebrating 45-Years of Gunsmithing with Wilson Combat

Over the years, Wilson Combat has been honored to employ some of the finest 1911 pistolsmiths in the country. These master craftsmen like Ron Phillips, Jim “Henry” Wilson, Mike Campbell, and Victor Tibbets have worked for decades refining the 1911 handgun, becoming true masters of the platform and ensuring that Wilson Combat Custom 1911’s remain among the most functionally reliable and cosmetically appealing available at any price.

Tremendous internal growth, as well as acquisitions of other innovative brands like Scattergun Technologies, Chip McCormick Custom, Lehigh Defense, and most recently New Ultralight Arms, has established Wilson Combat as an industry leader in the specialty firearms and accessory market, but our focus will never leave the design that helped bring us to this point-John Browning’s amazing creation-the 1911 Government Model.

“It’s hard to believe that the one man gunsmithing shop I started in a 10’x20′ area in the back of my dad’s jewelry store 45 years ago has grown to a multi-brand enterprise with over 200 employees in 3 states. It’s been quite a ride and it couldn’t have been accomplished without our awesome team members” – Bill Wilson, President CEO

“It’s such an honor to be a part of the family business and to have the opportunity to lead Wilson Combat into the future” – Cameron Ankele, COO

Celebrating 45-Years of Gunsmithing with Wilson Combat

Wilson Combat now offers a full lineup of just about everything including hunting rifles, competition-ready handguns, ammunition, suppressors, range gear, and of course custom work on a wide variety of firearms including 1911s, Glocks, SIGs, Berettas, AR-15s, and shotguns. For more information or to view their entire lineup of products and services you can visit http://shopwilsoncombat.com.

Celebrating 45-Years of Gunsmithing with Wilson Combat

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Celebrating 45-Years of Gunsmithing with Wilson Combat

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  • GuruOfGuns GuruOfGuns on Jul 07, 2022

    Congratulations to my old friend Bill Wilson, the day I walked into your Dad's jewelry store and met you changed my life.

  • John1911.com John1911.com on Jul 07, 2022

    The most forward thinking 1911 company in the game today. Really special stuff.