POTD: Estonian Special Forces with HK416 and NVG

    Estonian Special Forces

    Our Photo Of The Day article series brings together some of the most eye-catching and visually appealing images. You won’t find a lot of pictures of sunsets, flowers or touristic landmarks here, instead the photo selection spans from soldiering, firearms and special units. Today we get a quick glimpse at the Estonian Special Forces and their equipment.

    Member of the Estonian Special Forces unit “Erioperatsioonide grupp” with an HK416. Caption from their Facebook page, auto-translated:

    Today is an important anniversary for ESTSOF. 10 years ago, Estonia joined the European Special Operations Command (NSHQ), which provided many opportunities to develop the capabilities of special operations in Estonia and significantly increase international cooperation. We are a smaller brother next to the great powers in this command, but a smaller brother is no worse. Smallness gives us the opportunity to be more flexible and to approach problems creatively. Today, we are an equal partner for all NATO forces, applying the benefits of their small size very effectively when needed, and we are happy to work with the French, for example in Mali.

    Here is a link to the Erioperatsioonide grupp homepage: https://elukutse.ee/kaitsevae-uksused/erioperatsioonid/

    Picture source: Estonian Special Operations Forces