TFB Review: Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con Holster

Nic L
by Nic L

There are some holsters that become part of your wardrobe. Put your leg through here, staple this to your leg, tie that to your belt. While more intricate holster designs can sometimes give you some advantages, who has the time? Sometimes you just need a simple and reliable holster that you can throw on quickly. In my quest for Hellcat Pro holsters, I’m trying out the Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con.

Black Arch Holsters @ TFB:

The Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con: Specifications

  • Light bearing options: Yes
  • Handedness: Left, right
  • Position: Appendix, Strongside or OWB Carry
  • Material: Kydex
  • MSRP: $49.95

Using The Rev-Con

The Rev-Con is a single-clip Kydex holster. It’s designed to be worn just about anywhere on your waistline, and even has an optional paddle for OWB carry. There is also the option to add a wing or change your clip. The Rev-Con is also reversible and has a paddle option if you want to use it as an OWB holster.

Carrying with the Rev-Con is simple. Comparing it to the Entrada holster, it is far easier to put on and off. It is also less dependent on where the belt loops are on your pants. Under a patterned button-down shirt, it did just fine. It was more difficult to feel that I was sufficiently concealed while wearing a t-shirt.

Drawing and shooting was easy-peasy. The retention was sufficient but not overly tight. The holster stayed in place, which made it easy to establish a decent grip on the draw.

The Conclusion

If we’re being honest here, the Black Arch Holsters isn’t special. Well, it’s special in the way that it actually delivers the performance you expect it to. I’ve used a few holsters like this that definitely didn’t last. I feel like this one will. The construction is solid and I love that Black Arch also offers a paddle attachment. I’ll be ordering one and using this holster in IDPA matches. The biggest benefit to this holster is how quickly you can get in on and off. There have definitely been times that I’ve decided not to carry during a quick errand purely because I was too lazy to put on a more complex holster.

Everything comes with trade-offs. While the Rev-Con is convenient, that does come at the price of concealability. Opting for the wing attachment would be a wise decision.

Overall, I like the Black Arch Holsters Rev-Con. I think I just don’t like it for this gun. Being a fairly thin person, the long grip of the Hellcat Pro really shows. I would be more likely to use this with a smaller firearm. Where I see this holster really shining is as a do-it-all holster. If you’re new to carrying concealed, this would be a great, inexpensive place to start. You can get the holster and all of the bonus options for under $100. It also serves well as a compliment to some more involved options in your holster drawer. You can have all the fancy gear in the world, but if you’re walking down to your favorite ice cream spot, this will be what you grab. If you’d like to order your own, you can find them on the Black Arch Holsters website. Make sure you follow along on social media, as well. Black Arch can be found on Facebook and Instagram. Stay safe!

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Nic L
Nic L

Stemming from his childhood love of WWII history, Nic's passion for firearms continues to grow as his maturity level recedes. He has competed in local USPSA, IDPA, and rifle competitions, and has an almost unnatural affection for Rosie, his Gen3 Glock 19. @the_brutal_rooster

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  • Guest Guest on Apr 14, 2022

    I have this holster for my G19, I failed to find a comfortable position for it where the flared sides did not stab me it works great for OWB. Its nice it has so many holes for screw positions that you can carry with the included plastic clip or opt for using a slim 2 screw hook clip if your body type supports the holster give it a try. Check their clearance section if you are not ready to go all in on price you will probably find your model there alot cheaper.

  • William William on Apr 14, 2022

    Every time I leave the house, even if it's just up to the gas station a mile away, I don't have a issue putting my G19 with the TLR-1HL, in the Armordillo Concealment LUX IWB holster, on my person.
    I guess that's what rural living does to someone..or being the mindset of "I am responsible for my own safety."