Long Term Review: Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt – The Best Belt Yet?

    Long Term Review: Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt - The Best Belt Yet?

    Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt

    A good CCW/EDC belt is a confluence of functionality, comfort, durability, and – yes – style.  Black Arch set out to check all of those boxes with their EDC Belt.  Best of all, whether you carry inside the waistband or outside, tucked shirt or untucked, this belt is as discreet as can be.  It doesn’t scream “gun”, yet provides all the functions of a good gun belt.

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    Long Term Review: Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt - The Best Belt Yet?

    Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt

    Per Black Arch:

    We developed this belt to hit the perfect balance of performance and features. The EDC belt is durable, and sturdy enough to support a holster and gun, while still being simple, low profile, and comfortable enough to wear all day, every day!


    • Durable – Our 1.5″ polymer coated belt material is longer lasting than leather, and impervious to water, most chemicals, and high heat.
    • Sturdy – Our buckle is machined out of billet 6061 aluminum, then hard coat anodized.
    • Low Profile – Unlike most gun belts, our EDC belt design allows it to be very low profile. No belt bulge.
    • Comfortable – The entire design contributes to comfort, because concealed carry shouldn’t get in the way of you living your life.
    • Customizable Keeper – Our three position keeper comes with engraved cut lines; decide which position you like it in and trim the excess!
    • Sizes: 30-46
    • Belt Colors: Black, FDE, Brown
    • Buckle Colors: Midnight Black, Slate Grey, Burnt Bronze
    • MSRP:  $59.95
    • Made in USA

    Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt

    Initial Impressions

    Black Arch was kind enough to send me a black EDC Belt with a Midnight Grey buckle this past January.  Out of the box, I was impressed by its good looks.  It does look like a normal belt, not too dressy, but not too “tactical”.  The material feels both comfortable and durable, and the belt passes all the CCW tests of being stiff enough to properly hold your gear in place while still being flexible enough for comfortable everyday wear.  Best of all, my significant other didn’t roll her eyes at me wearing a tactical belt out to dinner that evening, she just thought it was a nice new belt.

    The buckle of the EDC belt is extremely quick and simple to use, there are no moving parts and no tabs or spring loaded catches to fiddle with.  Simply place the fixed metal hook into the notch in the belt you want to use, and it’s done.  As an added bonus, this makes for an extremely quiet belt if you’re out bowhunting.  No moving parts to rattle at all.  Granted, you lose some of the infinite adjustability of other systems when you’re using belt notches, but you gain robust simplicity with zero moving parts as a trade-off.


    Long-term testing

    My typical workdays spent with the belt included:

    • Ranch work
    • Long periods of time in the truck and tractor
    • Physical labor
    • Desk/admin work

    My typical recreation days spent with the belt included:

    • Nordic Skiing
    • Downhill skiing
    • 10+ mile hikes and hunts with heavy packs
    • Bowhunting season (a lot of crawling through the sagebrush)
    • Fishing
    • Mountain Biking

    Functionality and Durability

    I give the Black Arch Holsters EDC belt top marks in functionality and durability.  It held firearms from J-frame revolvers all the way to the Glock 20 in inside and outside the waist band holsters, fixed blade knives, satellite messengers, rangefinders, tools, and whatever other gear I threw on the belt without issue.

    Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt

    The polymer coating keeps your gear precisely in place, and has the added benefit of being sweatproof!  I came home from a 12-hour day working in triple-digit temps, and the belt didn’t stink at all, nor did it have any sweat stains.

    There has been no fraying, bulging, or degradation of the primary notch hole I use in the belt after nearly a year of wearing it, and I can find no other “wear” defects in the belt.

    Comfort and Style

    I also give the Black Arch EDC Belt top marks in comfort and style.  I wore this belt all day long every day, and never had a moment of discomfort.  While I get my workouts via physical labor, not the gym, and don’t have washboard abs, this belt did not dig into my abdomen or gut at all.  The EDC Belt also was adjustable enough to not give me any discomfort while utilizing EDC gear.

    Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt. Note that it doesn’t dig into my “dad bod”

    Most 1.5″ belts become uncomfortable for me after long days during the hunting season, which may involve 20 miles or more with a pack on my back.  This was definitely not the case with the Black Arch EDC Belt.  It was comfortable no matter what.  I wore it in shorts, pants, pants with heavy long johns underneath, and with light and heavy hip belt packs over the belt.  Zero comfort issues were experienced.

    Style-Wise, the EDC Belt blends in with just about any outfit, from Carhartts to dress pants.  I didn’t get a ton of compliments on the belt itself, nor did I get any raised eyebrows as I would with an obvious cobra buckle around certain crowds.  Even the Black Arch logo impressed into the belt is nicely subtle.  It might be the ultimate belt as far as blending in, exactly what most of us want with our EDC gear.  Furthermore, you can order the belt in any color combination of its three belt and three buckle choices.

    Overall Impressions

    Black Arch Holsters EDC Belt

    With excellent functionality, durability, and comfort, along with a very reasonable price of $59.95, I would not hesitate to recommend the Black Arch EDC belt to anyone looking for a good, durable, and inconspicuous EDC belt.  My long-term test of the belt wasn’t a chore at all, as it has become my #1 belt of choice for any occasion, armed or not. For more information, please visit Black Arch Holsters.


    • Tough and easy to keep clean
    • Comfortable
    • Simple buckle with no moving parts
    • Perfect level of stiffness and thickness for an EDC belt
    • Interfaces excellently with holster mounting systems
    • Very reasonable price
    • Made in USA
    • Keeps pants up


    • Not infinitely adjustable
    • Can’t display your rodeo prowess

    Thanks to Black Arch Holsters for the opportunity and support!

    Rusty S.

    Having always had a passion for firearms, Rusty S. has had experience in gunsmithing, firearms retail, hunting, competitive shooting, range construction, as an IDPA certified range safety officer and a certified instructor. He has received military, law enforcement, and private training in the use of firearms. Editor at Outdoorhub.com