Safariland Adds Wolf Gray Holster Options

    Safariland Adds Wolf Gray Holster Options

    Safariland has expanded their line of holsters to include certain Wolf Gray models. This is great news for fans of tactical goods who want the full head-to-toe CTSFO gray look.

    Safariland @ TFB:

    At this time, these color options are only available for the 6304RDS and 6354RDS models. Both of those holsters are tactical retention models which accept slide-mounted red dot sights. They also both come equipped with the QLS 19 locking fork, which allows for easy attachment to receiver plates on thigh platforms or belt mounts.

    Safariland Adds Wolf Gray Holster Options

    6304RDS with ALS and SLS

    These models differ in the retention method, with the 6354RDS using the ALS system and the 6304RDS using both the ALS and SLS systems. The 6354RDS is also available for the FN 509, which is not an option for the 6304RDS. Both models offer fits for various Glock, SIG Sauer, Staccato, and Smith & Wesson models.

    Safariland Adds Wolf Gray Holster Options

    Both models come with a QLS locking fork for easy mounting

    The Wolf Gray holsters are only available direct from Safariland and are available for order now. The 6304RDS retails for $247.50 and the 6354RDS retails for $223.50.

    From Safariland:


    Safariland introduces the Wolf Gray
    6304RDS and 6354RDS optic ready holster.

    Wolf Gray is one of the more commonly used grayscale colors in law enforcement, SWAT, military, operational groups, and everyday civilian life. This shade meets a growing need for a low-profile color option that provides a tactical advantage when maneuvering through urban environments and allows for better contrast in low light to no light situations.

    Available Online Only!

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