New Golden Turkey TSS Shotgun Loads Announced by Fiocchi

    Tungsten shot has been extremely popular in recent years for all sorts of hunting applications including Turkey hunting. In an effort to further expand their product lineup and coverage options for their customers, Fiocchi has just announced the introduction of their new Golden Turkey TSS loads for 12-gauge, 20-gauge, and 410 bore shotguns. These new shells should penetrate deep, produce dense patterns, and remain reliable in any conditions you find yourself in while turkey hunting.

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    New Golden Turkey TSS Shotgun Loads Announced by Fiocchi

    Tungsten Super Shot has revolutionized the turkey hunting game thanks to its hard-hitting, deep-penetrating performance at long range and its incredibly dense shot patterns. Now, TSS is backed by Fiocchi’s world-class shotshell construction in four models covering today’s most popular platforms. For 2022, Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS is available in following gauges/loads:

    • 12-gauge, 3-inch, #7 shot, 1 5/8-oz., 1200 fps
    • 12-gauge, 3-inch, #9 shot, 1 5/8-oz., 1200 fps
    • 20-gauge, 3-inch, #9 shot, 1 3/8-oz., 1225 fps
    • .410 bore, 3-inch, #9 shot, 13/16 oz., 1100 fps

    New Golden Turkey TSS Shotgun Loads Announced by Fiocchi

    Fiocchi has a good reputation for producing reliable, high-quality ammunition and the Golden Turkey TSS should be no different. All loadings of Golden Turkey TSS are made using precision manufactured hulls and wads and are combined with the best available shotgun primers and powders to give the end-user predictable and effective results. Golden Turkey TSS loads are also blended with 18 grams per cubic centimeter of tungsten shot which should be more than enough to take down the toughest gobblers this earth has to offer and still leave something for you at the dinner table.

    What are your thoughts on this new loading from Fiocchi? Do you think it offers the end-user anything that should make it a more desirable option than other TSS (Tungsten Super Shot) loadings? Let us know what you think and what you hunt turkey with down in the comments!

    New Golden Turkey TSS Shotgun Loads Announced by Fiocchi

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