Slav In a Box: Kalashnikov USA’s Russian Starter Kit

    Kalashnikov USA is very well known for its high-end American-made yet true to form Russian AKs. Kalashnikov USA’s rifles and pistols are all built on the true, original Russian designs and are not simply copies or kits of Kalashnikov rifles and shotguns. If you’ve got the thirst for a quality AK rifle but don’t quite feel comfortable yet walking around with it, then Kalashnikov USA has the Russian Starter Kit to make you feel right at home with your fellow Gopniks.

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    Slav In a Box: Kalashnikov USA's Russian Starter Kit

    Slav In a Box: Kalashnikov USA’s Russian Starter Kit

    Kalashnikov USA is proud to introduce our first ever Russian Starter Kit.  This is the ultimate firearm package. Do you have a gun safe that looks boring? If yes then this is your answer.

    This kit includes:

    • KR-9 9x19mm Rifle
    • KP-9 9x19mm Pistol
    • KR-103 7.62x39mm Side Folding-Cold Hammer Forged Barrel
    • KS-12T shotgun (12 GA)
    • KOMRAD 12 Gauge
    • KUSA track jacket

    As seen above, the Russian Starter Kit includes 5 total firearms and one track jacket and is normally priced at $6008.69, however, at the time of writing, the Russian Starter Kit is on sale for $4,999.99 (about $1,000 off). While I’m personally annoyed at the lack of matching Kalashnikov USA track pants, I’m sure I could easily find an inexpensive pair without much trouble. However, what is clearly inexcusable is the lack of a 750ml bottle of Stoli. I also think the addition of one more centerfire rifle and one less shotgun might make this more personally appealing for me. However, if I had 5 grand laying around and didn’t know what to do with it, I think this might already be a tempting offer for what is currently on the table.

    Slav In a Box: Kalashnikov USA's Russian Starter Kit

    Now be warned, if you purchase this kit you will end up with about 40 pounds worth of gear at once, and that much pure American Made Slavic Influenced firearms gear all in one box may cause your deep southern accent to turn Russian and BUK Missiles might start flying over your house. What are your thoughts on Kalashnikov USA’s Russian Starter Kit? Thoughts and comments welcome down below!

    Slav In a Box: Kalashnikov USA's Russian Starter Kit

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