[SHOT 2022] Kalashnikov USA Show off their KR-101

    Kalashnikov USA was eager to show off their 5.56 KR-101 rifle on the SHOT show floor today. I spoke with Dave, Kalashnikov USA’s VP of marketing, about it.

    [SHOT 2022] Kalashnikov USA KR-101

    Kalashnikov USA Show off their KR-101

    The good news for 5.56 AK fans is that the KR-101 is entering the final phases of product testing, and Kalashnikov USA is confident that they’ll have the product out before the end of the year. For those who were particularly interested in the AK-74 teased on Kalashnikov USA’s Instagram (myself included), there’s more good news. Kalashnikov USA is moving their 5.45 model in tandem with their 5.56 model, and intend to release both at the same time.

    [SHOT 2022] Kalashnikov USA KR-101

    The bad news is that when Kalashnikov USA says “before the end of the year”, they mean it. The KR-101 and 74M won’t be coming out in the next few weeks. The time frame is looking closer to late 2022. The reason for the delay is that KUSA wants to make sure their rifles are running exactly as they should. The exact words that Dave used were “we don’t beta test on our end users”. Dave also mentioned that Kalashnikov USA was working on an AK-102 to go with their 101. The AK-102 is to the AK-101 as the AK-105 is to the AK-74M. In other words, it’s a short barrel carbine variant.

    [SHOT 2022] Kalashnikov USA KR-101

    Unfortunately, Kalashinokv USA does not have one of their AK-74M rifles at the booth today. The prototype was currently undergoing testing with their R&D department. Consequently, I don’t have any pictures of it for you.

    [SHOT 2022] Kalashnikov USA KR-101

    fast Facts for the KR-101

    • Caliber: 5.56
    • Barrel Length: 16″
    • Muzzle Device: AK-74M style brake
    • Furniture: Polymer handguard and folding stock
    • Optics Mount: Factory side rail
    • MSRP: TBD
    • Release Date: Late 2022

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