Kalashnikov USA releases the new KUSA KR-104 SBR

    KUSA KR-104

    The new Kalashnikov USA KR-104 Short Barreled rifle.

    Kalashnikov USA has been busy the past few months developing and releasing variants of their 7.62x39mm KR-103 rifle. Now after many requests from the community, they have finally added the much desired KUSA KR-104 short-barreled rifle for sale. Based on the Russian AK-104 assault rifle, this is a 12.5 inch barreled, 7.62x39mm chambered factory SBR equipped with a left-side folding stock.

    Kalashnikov USA @ TFB:

    According to the KUSA KR-104 product page:

    With a long history of offering authentic and rugged firearms, we take immense pleasure in introducing the SBR configuration short barrel rifle KUSA KR-104 SBR.  Made with superior technology and state-of-the-art innovation in America. The KR-104  is renowned for its use by the Russian Federal Protective Service.  With a 12.25” Cold Hammer Forged, chrome-lined barrel,  this rifle qualifies as a “Short Barrel Rifle”.  It is a semi-automatic AK-style rifle that takes over from the authentic and durable design of Mikhail Kalashnikov.

    The KUSA KR-104 SBR rifle is a perfect firearm in any circumstance considering its compact size and smooth handling. It comes with a side-folding buttstock.  The rifle accepts standard AKM style magazines

    KUSA KR-104

    The KR-104 is shown from the left with stock folded. (Images From KUSA)


    • Forged Trunnion
    • Forged Carrier
    • Side Optic Rail
    • Hammer Forged Chrome lined barrel
    • Cleaning rod
    • 30 round magazine
    • 100% MADE IN THE USA
    • Weight: 12lbs
    • Side Folding Stock
    • Comes with 1, 30rd Magazine

    As of the time of this product announcement, Kalashnikov USA only offers the KUSA KR-104 in SBR configuration. Also confoundingly they note that an ATF Form-1 would have to be filed in order to purchase it. In case you weren’t aware, purchasing a pre-built SBR (or any other NFA item for that matter) would require a Form-4 which is for transferring possession of an NFA item (machine gun, suppressor, SBR, etc.) from one entity to another.  An ATF Form-1 is used when you’re creating a new NFA item. It’s more than likely a mistake on their end which will be rectified soon.

    Hopefully, in the near future, pistol and 16″ barreled versions of the 104 will become available. This way there’s none of the headaches and waiting dealing with ATF paperwork creates.

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