[SHOT 2022] Agilite Mag Pouch Testing Machine – It’s Not A Sex Machine

    One of the more dubious products on the SHOT Show Floor would have to be the Agilite Pincer Placard. A magazine pouch testing device. Oh and they have new mag pouches as well as a laptop plate carrier and some updates to their soft goods line.

    Agilite @TFB

    The Pincer Placard is a testing device to repeatedly thrusts a PMAG into the placard, pulls out, and thrusts it in again. Over and over again until the user decides they are done and shuts off the machine. It is important to it is not a sex machine according to Agilite. It is a serious testing system to show to robustness and elasticity of their new placard pouch design.


    Their new pouch design features an open top design that used rubber to reinforce and keep the opening from collapsing. The rest of the pouch is elastic fabric and has been tested thousands of insertions and removals and no loss of tightness or retention.

    They will be offering these with hooks, Molle or clips for attachment to your plate carrier. If you want more positive retention, loops can be added to the pouches.

    Agilite’s mag pouch loops are semi rigid so it is easy to push them out of the way to reinsert a magazine but will not fold down into the pouch to get in the way.

    Depending on your preference they have made adjustments to their plate carriers. Here it is equipped with a quick release buckle system on the shoulder straps.

    But those add bulk to your plate carrier so they have lower profile hardware for better fit with rifle stocks.

    The Agilite laptop plate carrier was particularly interesting. The case has the normal compartments for your EDC needs and there is room for a soft armor. I told them they should look into CROM USA and their carbon fiber armor which is thin and light weight. Plus it is rated for up to 5.7mm.

    The Agelite laptop case can be quickly converted into a plate carrier in case of emergencies.

    For more information check out their website.

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