Agilite and Mechanix Wear Team up to Produce M-Pact Agilite Edition

    M-Pact Agilite Edition

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    Previously only available to Government Clients, the Multicam only, M-Pact Agilite Edition is now available to commercial customers. If you’re like many who train with gloves, you’ll know these Mechanix gloves are extremely popular. The M-Pact Agilite Edition was the result of a collaboration between Agilite Systems Inc. and Mechanix Wear, the world leader in tactical hand protection.

    M-Pact Agilite Edition

    M-Pact Agilite Edition – Photo Credit

    Both Mechanix and Agilite teamed up to develop a unique glove for Tier 1 SOF who wanted the best of all worlds, the protection of a Mechanix M-Pact Covert glove but the tactile capabilities of a fingerless glove. The semi-fingerless design conforms to your hand like a full glove and yet gives you the dexterity and control of bare hands for your trigger finger, finding a pulse, changing ammunition belts, using smart devices comfortably, or other mission-critical tasks.

    M-Pact Agilite Edition

    M-Pact Agilite Edition – Photo Credit

    For me, the biggest draw is the fact that your middle and index fingers are exposed. Let’s face it, shooting a gun with your trigger finger covered isn’t exactly the easiest thing to adjust to as your finger gives you an extreme about of feedback that your brain uses to manipulate the firearm’s trigger as you shoot. You could probably modify your own set of Mechanix gloves but this will inevitably diminish the integrity of the glove without significant effort being put towards closing up exposed seams and cuts.

    M-Pact Agilite Edition

    M-Pact Agilite Edition: Photo Credit

    M-Pact Agilite Edition Specs:

    • EN 13594 rated impact protection
    • Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides a secure fit to your wrist.
    • D3O® palm padding absorbs impact and vibration.
    • Breathable TrekDry® keeps your hands cool and comfortable.
    • Armortex® palm reinforcement.
    • Durable synthetic leather palm infused with touchscreen technology.
    • Breathable TrekDry keeps
    • Nylon carrier loops.
    • Color: Multicam only

    Combat-proven downrange, The M-PACT Agilite Edition protects military and law enforcement professionals with EN 13594 rated impact protection. D3O® palm padding dissipates high-impact energy to reduce hand fatigue.

    The gloves are on sale now on the Agilite website and retail for $34.99. If you’re looking for an early Christmas gift for your household operator these gloves would make a great stocking stuffer.

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