Lightning Review: Agilite Helmet Bridge

    Shooting with night vision is a lot of fun and gives you a clear advantage when shooting in the dark. However, wearing a helmet with night vision can get tiring if you do not set up your helmet properly. The helmet is often a platform for adding accessories like ear pro and lights. But night vision can require specialized equipment like battery packs and IR strobes. The Agilite Helmet Bridge allows you to attach all the accessories you want.

    Agilite Helmet Bridge

    Agilite Helmet Bridge vs TNVC Mohawk

    I run an ANVIS9 dual tube night vision goggles. They use a proprietary battery pack and before I got the Agilite Helmet Bridge or TNVC Mohawk, I just stuck the battery pack to the back of my helmet using hook and loop velcro. While this works, it is not the most secure method for storing a battery pack.

    Unlike the TNVC Mohawk, the Agilite Helmet Bridge features a vinyl bumper on the back battery/counterweight compartment flap.

    The ANVIS battery pack is just a plastic box with twin 2xAA battery trays. So added protection is greatly appreciated.

    The TNVC Mohawk certainly helps hold my battery pack, it does not work well for protecting it. It is just two layers of Cordura covering the battery pack.

    Both the TNVC and Agilite have storage for spare batteries or cable management for radio headsets.

    One feature that sets the Agilite Helmet Bridge apart from others are the wings. The helmet bridge comes with two different size wings. The wider wings are for larger helmets. The wings are used to grab onto the side velcro typically found on a helmet.

    The wings seem unnecessary. The TNVC Mohawk does not use wings but they are helpful for cable management for the battery pack pigtail that helps power my ANVIS9 goggles.


    Without the wings, there is not much that will keep the plugs and wires of the ANVIS goggle system from snagging or flopping around on the helmet. Some people opt to use a long velcro patch to cover and store the battery pack plug.

    As you can see in the photo below, the TNVC mohawk does not reach all the way to the top.


    The Agilite helmet bridge is a little bit longer and covers all of the Velcro.

    The drawstrings in the Agilite allow you to attach almost any accessory.


    The wings are not necessary unless you run a battery pack. They do anchor the helmet bridge but I have not experienced the TNVC mohawk peeling off the helmet unless I deliberately do so.

    Price wise the Agilite is $66.95 on their website. Whereas the TNVC Mohawk for battery packs is on clearance for $59.95 but normally they cost more than the Agilite Helmet bridge. For more information on the Agilite Helmet Bridge go to their website.

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