Lightning Review: Vortex Micro6x Magnifier – See Further And See More

    Red dots have become a dominant optic option for use on firearms. Vortex has made their name known with their wide selection of red dots. A couple of years ago, Vortex came out with their Micro3X magnifier. It was a short magnifier with a large eye box. Well, now they are coming out with a Micro6X for more magnification. Let’s take a closer look at this super magnifier.

    Vortex @ TFB:

    First 3x . . . now Micro6x

    Vortex Micro3X

    Micro6X on 416LMT

    Vortex Micro6X

    The Micro6X is a little bit longer than the Micro3X. The 3X is 2.9 inches long while the 6x is 4.3 inches long. As you can see in the photo below, the Micro6X is only slightly longer than the Eotech G33 magnifier and that is just a 3x magnifier.

    Weight-wise, the Micro6X is 10.9oz while the 3X is only slightly lighter at 9.55oz. The Micro6X magnifier comes with the same QD flip mount and selection of three risers to give you absolute cowitness, lower 1/3 cowitness and 1.93″ optic height.

    One of the features I was curious about was the eye relief on the Micro6X magnifier. It seems similar to the Micro3X. The 3X has an eye relief of 2.66 inches compared to the 2.5-inch eye relief of the Micro6X.

    Another minor difference is due to how long the Micro6X is. Because the magnifier is longer, it positions the eyepiece closer to your eye. So I had to either move my head further back or move my optic and magnifier a little more forward to get my normal cheek weld.


    Looking Through The Micro6x

    I went to my local testing site. The utility shed is 530 yards away. Here is what it looks like when just looking through the UH-1.

    Flip the Micro6x and you get a much closer look at the shed. Notice how big the 65 MOA reticle is in the Micro6X sight picture.

    I zoomed digitally in my iPhone to see the shed a bit better.

    Now compare that to the Micro3x. See how small the reticle is and how much smaller the shed is?

    Here is a bush that is almost 100 yards from my position. The Micro6X really zooms in to see a lot of detail compared to the 3x.

    Here is a bush that is almost 200 yards away,



    6x. The reticle was clipped by the refresh rate and my iPhone.

    What if we look further? This transmission tower is just over 900 yards away.

    The weather is a bit hazy but you can still see quite a lot of detail.


    Final Thoughts On The Micro6x Magnifier

    Vortex has a definite winner here. The last 6X magnifier I played with was the Aimpoint magnifier and I was disappointed. It cost to much and had a microscopic eye box. Also, it was limited with which red dots it could be used, according to Aimpoint. The Vortex Micro6x magnifier retails for just $549.99. It is not that much longer than a G33 and does not weigh much more than the 3X magnifier and it is only $100 more than the Micro3x.

    You need to evaluate what you plan on using a 6x magnifier for. I don’t really see people shooting long range unless they really know their holdovers with a 1 MOA red dot. With the UH-1 or Eotech HWS reticle you do have a 65 MOA donut of death and you can use the bottom of the circle as an aiming point but that is only good for a specific distance and that will change depending on your ammo.

    The only issue I have with the Micro6x is the same I have with my Micro3x and that is the throw lever on the QD mount. It sticks out quite a bit and can get in the way of grabbing a mil-spec charging handle on an AR. Other than that, I think it is a great option for helping shooters see more clearly at distance. For more information go take a look at their website.

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