POTD: International Sniper Competition at Camp Adazi – Barrett MRAD

    barrett mrad norway

    The Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) with a Schmidt & Bender riflescope is how today’s Photo Of The Day is introduced. The sniper is from Norway and you can see a spent .338 Lapua Magnum being ejected. The Norwegian Armed Forces ordered the MRAD already in 2013 and it’s in use by several ordinary and special units, including the Police. Below you can see them running into position, unfortunately, they did not have a good day in the competition. Note the mirage band on the MRAD. Does anyone know who makers it?

    Norway also uses the Barrett M82.

    Here is the caption by eFP Battle Group Latvia:

    The eFP Battle Group Latvia recently had the chance to host several highly skilled sniper teams from around the world for the International Sniper Competition at Camp Adazi, Latvia. Here are the winners by nationality and category:
    Best Team:
    1. Latvian
    2. Lithuanian
    3. Canadian
    Best Sniper:
    1. Lithuanian
    2. Latvian
    3. Norwegian
    .50 cal. Match:
    1. Norwegian
    Pistol Match
    1. Latvian

    Shooting from an inflatable boat, on land.

    Photo Source: Sgto 1º Alfonso Cortés Pinilla, enhanced Forward Presence Imagery Technician, Ejército de Tierra. eFP Battle Group Lithuania Imagery.