Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB

    Happy RUGER (10/22) Day everybody! As a lot of you know, rimfire is one of my favorite subsections of the firearms world and I absolutely love getting out and ringing steel with my 10/22 rifles and pistols.TFB is always happy to celebrate the handy little rimfire rifle. In a lot of ways, the ubiquitous 10/22 is my anchor point for my firearms life as it was the first firearm I ever shot and I have always had one in my collection in some way, shape or form. Since its introduction in 1964, the 10/22 series has seen a lot of growth, adoration, and experimentation in the firearms community and for a nearly 60-year-old rifle, it still has a solid place within the firearms world as a trainer, plinker, and competition rifle.

    Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB

    Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB

    In TFB’s history, we’ve covered the 10/22 platform over 150 times and we’ve been happy to see some pretty neat projects, accessories, and builds over the years using the Ruger 10/22 platform. Most recently, I’ve been really impressed with the Fletcher Rifle Works 11/22 OpenTop receiver which I think represents an important stage in the life of the 10/22 platform – despite nearly six decades of being around, people still love the platform so much they can still find ways to improve upon it and refine it. Below are some of our most recent 10/22 related articles:

    Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB

    Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB – The Fletcher Rifle Works 11/22 OpenTop Receiver (100% compatible with Ruger 10/22 parts)

    Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB

    Other recent developments are ones like the Franklin BFS-III 22-C1 Binary trigger that I was fortunate enough to test out and review here on TFB. Say what you will about binary triggers and bump fire stocks, but ripping a full 25-round magazine or a drum from a 10/22 is just good clean fun (well maybe not clean but it’s still fun).

    I’ve posted my current 10/22 “build” in this article and despite its fairly simple appearance, this 10/22 charger has actually been featured quite a few times in my articles. My 10/22 (actually an 11/22 created by TFB friend and reader Sebastian Unger) has seen itself used in a number of different configurations with different optics and also serves as a testbed for the latest Ruger 10/22 accessories and ammunition.

    I’d like to see your 10/22 builds down in the comments. Whatever you’ve got, no matter how goofy or plain it is, let’s all share in this great day and venerate the legendary Ruger 10/22 – preferably by heading out and plinking as it’s the best way to celebrate Ruger Day!

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