Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Modular 10/22 Chassis System

    Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Modular 10/22 Chassis System

    Ruger 10/22 rifles, pistols, and carbines are always fun to tinker with and one of the best ways to get the most customization out of a 10/22 build is to start with a good foundation. Grey Birch Solutions has launched their flagship product – the Foundation 10/22 modular chassis system that aims to give users the components to build out their 10/22 in nearly any way they see fit while simultaneously giving the user many features already included in the Foundation.

    Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Modular 10/22 Chassis System

    Foundation Chassis System

    The Foundation is literally the cornerstone of Grey Birch, the company, the solid ground on which we will build our house. The end goal in building the Foundation has always been a lightweight, modular, adjustable and secure base to firmly house the barreled action in place from two locations. Everything builds off a firm Foundation.

    The Foundation is a modular chassis system built around the 10/22 platform. The Foundation is packed with features to enhance the shooting experience with configurations ranging from short range race gun to long range precision.

    Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Modular 10/22 Chassis System

    Foundation Features:

    Magwell Cutout for Easy Magazine Changes

    • AR Grip Compatible Mounting Point
    • Standard Picatinny Stock Mount (Compatible with all most Picatinny Mounted Stocks)
    • Modular Short and Long Forend Options
    • Forend’s are M-Lok and Arca-Swiss Compatible
    • Folding Stock allows for easy Packing and Storage
    • Length of Pull and Cheek Height Adjustment
    • Buttstock adjustable as Fixed or Folding
    • Compatible with most 10/22 Accessories


    • Weight: 688 grams
    • Length of Pull:  13″- 14.5″
    • Overall Length: 25- 26.5″
    • Overall Length Folded: 16″
    • Material: 6061 T6 AL / Steel
    • Finish: Clear Hard Anodize

    In Stock and shipping in North America now

    Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Modular 10/22 Chassis System

    The rear tension adjustment screw

    The Foundation chassis system incorporates a rearward second tension position meaning the barreled action will be more secure in the chassis as compared to the single attachment point underneath the receiver. I have found personally in the past that some chassis systems or stocks only make use of the single attachment point and this can lead to wobbling without adding shims to make the fitment just perfect. I would be very interested to kit out a 10/22 build beginning with one of these stocks. For the price ($399.99 CA), you certainly are getting a lot of functionality out of the system from the get-go. I think many would find this Chassis system a great place to start for a one of a kind 10/22 build.

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