POTD: Swedish Sniper Competition with PSG90B

    PSG90B with Army Ranger Batallion K4

    Of all the pictures we have featured in our Photo Of The Day since 2014, this has got to be one of the oddest. I know sniper challenges are supposed to be a challenge, but this certainly takes the price. If I’m correct, we have a sniper and a spotter, with the PSG90B sniper rifle (AI AW) and the spotting scope supported by tripods on the bottom of the lake. The spotter has an empty Ak5 (FN FNC) on his back. Since they’re wearing hearing protection I think this is a photo taken in the heat of the action, during the competition, and not a staged one.

    Caption from Arméns jägarbataljon (Army Ranger Batallion) – Swedish Sniper Competition:

    One of the job trainings that was shown in the previous post was the sniper training. Sniper capability is an important part of the hunting battle, to accurately defeat vital targets, at a distance, undetected, means that the opponent can never rest and can never feel safe! A sniper pair in the right place, at the right time can change the war!Last week, the sniper competition Swedish sniper competition was held! The competition was very meritoriously organized by Flygbasjägarna and Marinbasen with support from Markstridsskolan on a Småland shooting range, and consisted of many different and challenging elements. For example, shooting from a rowing boat that glides with the wind over a lake, night shooting at a moving target and changing weapons to a pistol and automatic rifle! Not to mention the at least equally important elements 8-9 km night orientation and 14 km fast march with combat equipment and 20 kg combat pack!All steps were difficult and placed great demands on the sniper pair’s communication, cooperation and skill as both speed and precision were assessed. With distances up to 900 meters!Our competitors want to thank all the units involved for a good competition, and the organizers for setting the bar high for future competitions!We are also extra proud that the sniper couple from bergspluton took home the win! Closely followed by the Coastal Hunters in second place and the Paratroopers in third!

    (Machine-translated by Google from Swedish)

    Photo source: Arméns jägarbataljon / Army Ranger Batallion – The Swedish Armed Forces