POTD: Full-Auto in Riga at Namejs 2021

    POTD: Full-Auto in Riga at Namejs 2021

    Photo Of The Day – The word photograph is a combination of Greek words and means “drawing with light”. The word was invented by Sir John Herschel, over 180 years ago. I suppose that at the time he had no idea that there would be photos “drawn with light” of a machine gun, yet here we are. These photos are from the Latvian Army and their exercise Namejs 2021. Location: Riga.

    The active phase of the military training “Namejs 2021” in the territory of responsibility of the Riga Brigade National Guards has ended, during which the units trained outside the military objects in order to bring the training task as close as possible to the real situation.

    Note the variety of firearms in the squad.

    The troops – and the inhabitants of Riga – get real-world experience from the fighting on the streets. How would you react?

    The Swedish Army donated Heckler & Koch G3s to Latvia, so this might be an old “Ak4”.

    There were also more modern H&K G36s

    Photo source: Latvijas armija Facebook page