Strike Industries Announces Bang Band Mini & NEW Colors

Nic L
by Nic L

The ability to grip your equipment is so important, an entire aftermarket exists for permanently altering firearms to increase purchase. Slippery magnification rings, pistol grips, vertical grips, and magazines can slow you down. However, thanks to Strike Industries, there is a non-permanent solution. Springboarding from their original Bang Bands, Strike has introduced the Bang Band Mini, as well as new colors for both the original and the Mini.

Strike Industries news @ TFB:

The Strike Industries Bang Band Mini gives you the ability to add additional grip to a pistol grip, magazine or any small sized object. The grooves and anti-slip texture gives you better handling and feeling of your weapon. The positive tactical feeling enhances your pistol grip and/or magazine with an additional gripping surface for your dominant and/or support hand.

The Strike Industries Bang Band Mini

The Bang Band Mini uses grooves and anti-slip texturing to increase the purchase strength on your pistol grip, magazine, etc. They are made of Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR), which can withstand temperatures up to 226 degrees Farenheight. The bands are 0.58” wide, making them ideal for applications in which a standard rubber band won’t cut it. The Mini is available in Black, Red, FDE, and OD, all of which are now also available for the standard Bang Band.


  • Length: 1.69″
  • Width: 1.34″
  • Height: 0.58″
  • Weight: 0.2 oz each
  • Colors: Black, Red, FDE, OD
  • MSRP: $10.95 per five

If you see a need for these in your gear, head over to the Strike Industries website to grab a pack. If you want continuous updates from Strike, give them a like or follow on their social media pages. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Keep training and stay sharp!

Nic L
Nic L

Stemming from his childhood love of WWII history, Nic's passion for firearms continues to grow as his maturity level recedes. He has competed in local USPSA, IDPA, and rifle competitions, and has an almost unnatural affection for Rosie, his Gen3 Glock 19. @the_brutal_rooster

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