Making Remote-Controlled Guns From Junkyard Materials

Doug E
by Doug E
Making Remote-Controlled Guns From Junkyard Materials

Remote-controlled guns have been a controversial topic, and are outlawed in some places in the United States with some exceptions for disabled hunters. Redditor and YouTuber Jan Arkadiusz Kowalski aka Brzydki Burak from Poland wasn’t worried about getting reported to the ATF when he and one of his talented subscribers set out to make two remote-controlled guns out of discarded materials, some bits from a salvage yard, an AKM rifle and a Glock. After watching some of Burak’s videos, it’s clear that he likes to have fun, and watching his remote-controlled guns in action, I’d say he and others were pleasantly entertained. Burak lightheartedly likened his builds to the T-800 model soldier robots from the Terminator movies, however without the artificial intelligence aspect, these seem more reminiscent of the remote-controlled gun from The Jackal movie starring Bruce Willis.

Remote-Controlled Guns @ TFB:

Glock T-800 from guns

Burak briefly explains his remote-controlled Glock below:

Made from old gaming chair, joystick and one visit to car junkyard. Its made just for fun. Car battery, foot-switch for emergency power-off, some old truck windshield wipers motors, door locking servo for trigger and parking camera system. Very cheap MacGyver stuff 😉

remote controlled Glock

Burak’s remote-controlled AKM was a heftier build given the larger size of the rifle and the recoil impulse it generates. In the following video, Burak can be seen holding the tripod legs with his feet to hold the remote-controlled gun steady, then later, he let it fly without the extra support and the gun’s recoil scoots the assembly rearward. He also drilled holes into the tripod legs for screwing them to the floor.

AK T-800 from guns

Burak described his remote-controlled AKM below:

Both devices are made using parts found in car junkyard. Car battery, parking camera, truck windshield wiper motors, door locking servos used for triggers and just random tech scrap. This bigger version have ~12 inch tv screen and nice case for controls. One parking camera for wide field of view + CCTV camera with good zoom for aiming. There are multiple safety measures to cut power in case of emergency – trigger button with cover, key-lock and foot-switch (power off when not pressed).

No need to do any “full-auto electronics” as I can legally mount various full-auto firearms on it already. It is 100% legal where I live and ATF have no power here. Local authorities asked only to make sure anyone using it is at the same shooting range as device – no long cables to outside or connecting it to internet. Because of skynet 😉

While conversing with Burak, he informed me that he and his subscriber actually made these two remote-controlled guns three years ago, but stated that he hasn’t made any formal videos on them yet. I always find homemade gun builds like these satisfying, especially knowing that some people still have that know-how and can have a little extra fun and challenge when shooting guns. He also sent me a photo of himself holding an AK rifle that he gold plated himself. He wears a ghillie hat to conceal his face from being recognized, though he said he’s not hiding his identity otherwise.

Burak holding his AK with a DIY gold plated finish.

Burak said that his next secret project is to build a handheld coilgun out of junkyard parts that will be used in long-range shooting. Short of pushing the trigger button yourself, did you enjoy watching Burak’s remote-controlled guns in action? Feel free to tune into the BrzydkiBurak YouTube channel for more of his shooting videos and his eventual coverage of these remote-controlled builds. Thanks to Burak for sharing his designs with TFB!

Doug E
Doug E

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