More PMU’s DIY Remote MG Mounts in Iraq

    Almost two years ago, Miles wrote about the practical remote PKM mount in Iraq, made by PMU.  In this article, we will show another three improvised remote-controlled machine gun mounts, in which two of them operates the Russian DShK heavy machine gun in 12.7x108mm and one for the PKM 7.62x54mmR light machine gun.

    These are not the highest tech implementations of “remote mounts”, but we think you will find them interesting.  Western forces have access to a lot of materials, manufacturing facilities, and engineering capabilities.  It is very interesting to see how combatants in active warzones engineer solutions (that would be considered little better than prototypes in other places) and then deploy them.

    DShK Tricycle Practical Mount

    Like the PKM practical mount shown before, this mount appears to be built in the same way,  in which an optic unit –appears to be a closed circuit surveillance camera CCTV- is mounted under the receiver and the weapon itself is fixed in a turret that rotates using a bike-handlebar-alike grips with a monitor screen located between the two grips for the operator, the mount is fixed on a high mast so the operator can shoot it from a covered position, that makes us wonder if this device/vehicle had improvised armor plates would it function as a light technical?

    There is also a chair to provide some comfort for the operator.  The mount seems to work very well with a minimum recoil output for a DShK HMG.


    DShK Remote Station

    The second one appears a bit mysterious since I can’t find where exactly did they put the optical unit/camera, the only apparent optic here is the rifle’s scope above the rectangular incubator.

    The control unit appears to be a tablet or notebook pc which the man in the video claims it can operate the device from distance up to 50 meters while he keeps dry firing it to show that it’s really functioning!!

    Nothing much to talk about here, I will leave you with video and hope you may find out things I couldn’t spot.

    PKM RC Station

    This is a very poorly made RC mount, it’s very lightweight, a cam-recorder is mounted on the PKM’s wooden butt stock to transfer the image to the operator’s laptop screen which he uses to fire the gun.

    The downside which you will notice in the video that you can’t shoot the machine gun in a continuous sequence (fully automatic for a long time). The machine gun will turn over vertically on its butt plate and would likely rain “friendly fire” on the operator in this reverse position.

    You will realize how much it is wobbling during shooting which makes it good at nothing but spraying a wall of lead to the enemy positions inaccurately, I really doubt its’ feasibility, you can also see the stone block they placed on the station’s forelegs to stabilize it a bit.

    Marawan Maklad

    Marawan Maklad is an Egyptian firearms and ammunition designer working for Turkish company specializing in the hunting and defense industries, and a dedicated researcher in asymmetric conflicts arms and tactics.