Smart Shooter Unveils “Smash Hopper” Remote-Controlled Weapon Station

    Smart Hopper (Smart Shooter)

    Have a Xenomorph problem? Need to buy some time? Well, Smart Shooter, well known for their Smart Shooter fire control system, have developed the Light Remote-Controlled Weapon called Smash Hopper. Smart Shooter’s Light Remote-Controlled Weapon or LRCWS is capable of mounting an AR-15/M4 or any other kind of infantry rifle, the system is not calibre specific. The system is paired with their Smart Shooter fire control system and is hooked up to a remote control unit to allow the tripod-mounted rifle to be aimed and fired from another locations.

    Smash Hopper (Smart Shooter)

    Remote Weapon Systems are not new, indeed they have most recently become the norm aboard armoured fighting vehicles. But Smart Shooter’s new remote control set up is one of the first that can be established by infantry with ease. The system comes in two variants the larger ‘Smash Hopper’ and the smaller, lighter ‘Smash Hopper Light’.

    Smash Hopper Light (Smart Shooter)

    They can operate day or night and can be used against ground targets or small UAVs/drones. The battery-powered system is controlled from a ruggedized remote control unit with a large screen that has an aiming reticle. It’s easy to see the parallels with the autonomous sentry guns seen in Aliens (1986) but the screen is a definite upgrade even on those sci-fi sentry guns.

    A concealed Smash Hopper (Smart Shooter)

    Here’s Smart Shooter’s press release with more details on the LRCWS:

    SMART SHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms, launches SMASH HOPPER: a new Light Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS) that provides a ‘One Shot – One Hit’ capability while controlled by an operator from a safe distance. Compact, lightweight, and rapidly deployable, SMASH HOPPER extends the maximum effective range of the host weapon system to its ballistic limits.

    Introduced by the company for the first time, Smart Shooter’s SMASH HOPPER has been optimised to increase the survivability of tactical units through the provision of enhanced and clandestine surveillance, accuracy, and lethality. Measuring approximately 15kg, SMASH HOPPER can be integrated into an existing Command and Control system(C2), providing operators with the ability to hand-off or receive targets across existing communications networks. Featuring a safe trigger mechanism, a mounting solution, and a ruggedised Remote-Control Unit (RCU), SMASH HOPPER provides a pan–and–tilt capability for the weapon system and can be controlled via cable or wireless connectivity.

    Offering day and night capability with automatic scanning and target detection, SMASH HOPPER is ideal for multiple mission areas including force protection, border security, anti-drone, remote ambush, and offensive action operations at complex environments. It can be mounted utilising a stand-alone deployable tripod, a stationary fixed mast or a lightweight vehicle.

    Michal Mor, Smart Shooter CEO: “We are honoured to present SMASH HOPPER, an innovative portable LRCWS solution that offers precise fire capability against ground, aerial, static, or moving targets. The unique ‘One shot – One hit’ SMASH capability finds its way into the world of RCWS in a soldier friendly truly light configuration. Designed as a modular and rapidly deployable solution, SMASH HOPPER dramatically increases accuracy, lethality, and survivability of small arms.”

    Smash Hopper Light (Smart Shooter)

    The Smash Hopper Light system is smaller and lower in profile, with Smart Shooter stating that “SMASH HOPPER LIGHT can be used in an extremely wide array of operational scenarios, providing the soldiers with a lethal, accurate and covert solution.” Find out more about the system at Smart Shooter’s site, here.

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