POTD: Heckler & Koch HK437 in .300 Blackout

Eric B
by Eric B

What could be better than the Heckler & Koch HK433? Quite possibly the Heckler & Koch HK437 right above you, chambered in .300 Blackout (7.62x35mm). The rifle is also equipped with a VarioRay laser light module from Rheinmetall and an EOTech EXPS. You don’t hear as much about the .300 Blackout caliber as before, but it is still gaining in popularity with various Police and Military forces as a medium-range weapon due to its stopping power and suppressability.

The soldiers are all wearing camouflage from Concamo.

Some more examples of Concamo and various Heckler & Koch firearms.

Together with a Rotex suppressor from B&T and with the 9″ barrel configuration, the HK437 has about the same overall length as an H&K MP5 SD, and can be used with both supersonic and subsonic ammunition.

That’s not the end of it. You can find more Heckler & Koch Blackouts in this link: HK237, HK337 and HK437 in .300 Blackout/Whisper.

All pictures provided by CONCAMO.

Eric B
Eric B

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