POTD: 2021 Danish International Sniper Competition

    Danish International Sniper Competition

    TFB will be running several Photo Of The Days from the 2021 Danish International Sniper Competition. These competitions are a great source of information about which types of firearms various countries and armies use, and how they use them. There’s also a lot of other gear to admire. These photos come from the 2. Brigade in Denmark.

    This competition seemed to have some extraordinary stages. Just look at the platform out in the sea.

    This looks like an interesting stage as well.

    The instructor seems to be spraying water over the competitors.

    Accuracy International commented the pictures on their Facebook page:

    A fantastic international event has offered snipers the chance to compete in a wide range of disciplines and scenarios. Teams were challenged across multiple days to find a victor, as well as to have the chance to bring the international sniping community together to strengthen bonds and share experiences. We are proud to be the weapon of choice for a number of nations. Congratulations to all; we’re already excited for next year.

    Denmark also uses the Barrett M95, called Minerydningsgevær M/95 which indicates that it is primary used in EOD and anti-materiel roles.

    Did you ever shoot the Barrett .50 BMG from the left?